Qanba Q4 on Massdrop


Hey guys,
I made a poll on Massdrop for the Qanba Q4. If we get 200 votes Massdrop will contact Qanba and try to secure a group buy deal. They often get pretty good prices, and based on the Qanba’s good customer service I am hoping they will do us a nice deal. (or try if that one doesn’t work for you)

I chose the Qanba as I felt a smaller Chinese manufacturer would probably be more likely to do us a good deal than one of the big boys (Madcatz, etc.). Should I add any other options to the poll? I purposely only added one as I didn’t want to dilute the vote (getting 200 won’t be all that easy), but If everyone really wants another stick on there I would be happy to add it.


Your Link is broken

Try just typing out the URL as plain text.