Qanba Q4 RAF compatibility issues with Yatagarasu

Hello all,

I recently purchased Yatagarasu for the PC. I downloaded Microsoft’s AppLocale software to make sure there were no issues. I had everything setup fine, until I noticed my low parry wasn’t working. I went into the KeyConfig and noticed that the two rightmost buttons on the bottom row (the RT/R2 and LT/L2 buttons) weren’t being recognized by the game. I went into supercade to make sure it wasn’t a hardware issue and the RT/R2 button was recognized and showed up as this:

Anybody else have this problem? Solutions?

Thanks in advance.

Make sure the QANBA Q4 RAF is in PS3 mode and not Xbox 360 mode.
Xbox 360 controllers like to treat RT and LT like another analog stick axis and not 2 separate buttons.

Excellent! Thanks for the help. I’ll keep that in mind for future games.