Qanba Q4 RAF stick button distance vs Ultra Ulia, which one to buy?

Hi guys!
I want to buy a second arcadestick besides the one that I already have.
The model that caught my eye is the qanba q4 raf. I did some reading in the amazon reviews and some people mentioned
that the spacing between the stick and the buttons/or the buttons themselves !? is too narrow for them with the qanba.

Since I already have an ultra ulia and I’m quite happy with it, can someone tell me if the distances between the stick and the first two buttons is about the same for the two sticks or if there is some kind of major difference.
The button layout after the first two buttons is completely different. For one stick it goes up for the other it goes down.
I guess it kinda goes down to personal preference which layout is to prefer.
Which layout do you guys like better and why?

Also another thing that I’m wondering about, is the placement of the start button on the qanba stick, does it get in the way when using the outer two buttons of the eight in terms of accidental presses or anything ?
Is it also possible to mount a ls-32 instead of the sanwa stick without any major modifications in the qanba ?

Since I want it to be also compatible with the xbox 360…I guess my main question would be, should I buy a second ultra ulia and mod it with an after market pcb or am I better off with buying the qanba

Thank you :slight_smile:

The Ultra Ulia uses what looks like an Astro P1 layout, whereas the Qanba Q4 uses a Vewlix layout.
You can read all about it here:

Your questions are actually all better off asked in this thread: Absolute Question and Answer Thread v.3 (ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE!) rather than creating new threads.

Thanks for your answer, ok If anything else comes up I’ll ask it there.