Qanba Q4 Relocating the start button


I asked this question in the questions thread, but it got overlooked. I’m copying and pasting my comment here:

I just picked up a Qanba Q4 after using a custom TE-S stick for a couple of months. I plan on modding this one and had a question. I’m a minimalist, so I plan on ordering a plain black plexiglass cover with only the first 6 buttons. I’d like to relocate the start button.

I was wondering if I could rewire the stick so that the SELECT button on the top-front pnale would be the start button instead (and just not have a select button). Is this possible? If not, I might dremel another 24mm hole near the top and place the start button there, similar to the TE-S.

I opened the stick up, and there is only one wire running from the main PCB to the SELECT/MODE/TURBO etc PCB labelled select. If I remove that wire and replace it with the START wire (not its ground), would that work?

Any suggestions or thoughts? Is there any reason I would need that SELECT/BACK button?


Bump. Seems like no one here knows the answer to this. Can someone at least point me in the right direction to where I could get my question answered?


Based on a quick Google images pic of the innards of a Qanba Q4, there shouldn’t be any problem with what you’re thinking.
Not sure on the “usefulness” of the Select button; I know I haven’t used mine in… forever, but that part’s up to you.