Qanba Q4 stick help

Evening SRK,

I am having some trouble with a part on my white/red Q4 stick. After spending some time with a bat stick in place of my red ball stick, I wished to change it back. After doing so, I noticed I seemed to wear out the metal ring at the inner end of the joystick, so after playing for a bit, it would somehow slip off and the stick would not remain straight anymore. Does anyone know the part, and/or where I can get another one? I was told by a friend that I could get it at a hardware store, but I am not aware of the part name and would like to know it when i bring the ring to the store to see if they might have what I need.

Are you talking about this?

if so its called a e-clip

Paradise Arcade Shop and Focus Attack sells the correct part sized for the joystick
If you want to hit up local hardware stores, I want to say its a 3/8 but that could be off.
I would take the joystick shaft with you to the hardware store.