Qanba q4r button response issue


So after three year of using my Qanba, I think it is beginning to rust. So whenever I play BB, there are weird times where the R1 button will not even work. This issue would happen sparingly but today it has happened like three-four times. I would stand there, mash that button and my character won’t even do the normal. But then when I press like another button, it will work again the next time I try again.

What steps must I take now to address this issue? Will receding the wires do anything? Or is this related to it’s shitty PCB issue? Any way I can get a similar one that supports 360/ps3/pc? I like the toodles, but would like one that supports 360 as well.


If the QDs are not loose, you probably just need to replace the switch in the Sanwa button. Actually, to test this, hook up R1 to a known working button, if it doesn’t happen then it’s the switch, if it does happen, then it’s probably the PCB.


What is a QD?

While dismantling the button and switch I found a lot of gunk in the button. Could that be a possible contributing factor?


QD is the Quick Disconnect which is the wires you pull off the buttons.

As for the gunk.
Was that at the bottom of the button or in the case itself?

I would still recommend you clean up the gunk in the case.
pull the wires off button R1 and connect them to a working button and test.


You could just touch the disconnects together. Electrically, that’s all the micro switch is doing when depressed. Most likely you just need a new sanwa sw-68 switch in that button.

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Did just this last night. Luckily I have so many spare sanwas.

Ill update and let you know how it works when I try it out.


Yes actually. My friend had a bunch of gunk between his plungers and barrels in the buttons and it would stick frequently. so we cleaned it out, probrem solved. still, in a situation where you can press the button and nothing comes out, you should do what @pzlate‌ mentioned.

Yay claw players!


I did just what Pz said and it seems to be working so far. At first I switched the switches to the buttons that were not working with the ones that worked (which I think fixed the issue). But then I decided to finally replace the buttons with new sanwas that I have kept in a drawer for about a year and no problems so far. LOL

Glad it was not the PCB.