Qanba Q4RAF LED Buttons help


I have a Qanba Q4RAF stick which I’ve been doing some art swapping and what not on my own. Currently I find myself unable to just stop here and want to add LED buttons but honestly have nowhere to start. I believe I had heard that there was suppose to be an LED kit specific to the Qanba sticks but I haven’t found that. Here are a few questions I would like to find the answers to:

What buttons would be the best to use to make an LED mod?
Where on the stick would LEDs be wired to in order to power them?
Would the buttons on this page work on my arcade stick?

I really appreciate all the help I can get, I know you guys are really resourceful.


Well considering that I just made my account on these forums I’m not 100% on the rules but I believe I can bump my thread after 4 days and not being on page one, right?


Though it wasn’t originally designed for Qanba sticks, I think the ArcEye3 + Remora combination is by far the easiest way to put LED buttons into your stick. Plus it’s designed to work on Sanwa buttons, which is what your Qanba orignally came with.

You can find the LEDs (ArcEye3) and control board (Remora) at
I recommend picking up OBSC-30 Clear buttons from

Your two main concerns will be finding a place to fit the Remora board in the Qanba case, and then wiring the Qanba PCB to the Remora directly (since the harness points on the Remora were made for a MadCatz installation).


Quit modding that shit and let’s play!


Beside finding room to fit the Remora on a Q4 is there anything extra that needs to be done to get it to work with a Q4?


You just need to connect the Ground, VCC, and 10 signal points (8 buttons + select/start) between the Q4 and Remora.


Alright thanks a bunch. I’ve been more then a little frustrated in trying to find info on modding LEDs on a Q4RAF, it seems next to no one has done it and the few people that have only have briefly mentioned they have.


OK I went back into the AE3/Remora threads and found this post by Toodles, so every step you take towards installing this into a Qanba is “at your own risk.” Maybe some Qanba PCBs aren’t common ground… or maybe there’s an issue with power draw… or perhaps nobody has thoroughly tested it yet…

Here is the pinout diagram from purplearms’s post, which came from the AE3 thread. In case you do go forward.


Yeah one problem is apparently a TON of different PCBs for the Q4, only some of which are common ground. I’m 95% sure mine is common ground so not worried on that end.


I’ve gotta say this is a great find. Thanks a lot for posting all this info here. At the moment I just don’t have the funds to proceed with this but I’ll eventually get to it and post it here once I figure it all out.