Qanba stick repairs?


I got a qanba q4raf about 7 weeks ago and it stopped working;
when plugged into an xbox that is turned off, but has power running to it, the red mode/turbo light stays on but the whole stick shuts down as soon as the xbox starts running/light turns off. I assume there is still power getting to the stick and yes i have it on the xbox setting.

Incindentally, when plugged into the ps3 the only time the leds light up is if i have it on the xbox setting.

I am sure it is still under warranty, i got it from simplyelectronics, and I have to say it was delivered very promptly. But i did put the two button plugs in and removed the extra buttons, leaving four unconnected wires, and broke the seal that may void the warranty.

Will they still fix it? if not were do I go for repairs? Could the stick be shorting out because of the two buttons I removed?

It worked for one month after the removal of the buttons, but one week before it stooped working the stick began shutting down when I moved it slightly on my lap.

Any directions would be welcomed as I haven’t been able to find anyone who has had similair problems.


So Xbox mode do not work on the Xbox. And on the PS3 it only lights up in Xbox 360 mode.
More than likely PCB is damaged.
Now you had break the “Do not break or the Warranty is void Seal”. Well your Warranty is now voided.

You can ask but it is unlikely.

Very unlikely

Short Answer is NO. Long Answer only if one of the metal disconnects touch the traces on the board.

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Yeah thanx, kinda of expected that. Handed it in to a local electronics repair shop as the are no modders in Northen Ireland I know of, I will update this thread once more with the problem, the price and where Iwent to get it fixed incase anyone has similair problems. To save on forum space maybe merge or lock /delete if useless