Qanba sticks in Hong Kong


I’ve been looking for a Q3 while staying in Hong Kong but I’ve only been able to find HRAPs. I know that the office for is in Hong Kong but the number there takes me to what I guess is the receptionist of the building that it’s in and she doesnt recognize the name, unit, and floor that’s on the site. To anyone who knows where I’d be able to get one, help would be very much appreciated.


I’ll also be in Guanzhou and Shanghai so I could also grab one in either of those if anyone knows a place.


Hi, I’m a Hongkonger and there’s a place in Wanchai gamers always visit:

I was there last week and I believe saw 2 or 3 stores carrying Qanba.

Have fun there!


Oh, just happened to see your 2nd message. If you’re gonna stay long enough in China, you may check out Taobao too. Ship the toy to the place you’re gonna stay. Just like what we usually do when we travel to Japan …


Thanks! I`ll be sure to check it out ^.^


Worst case scenario I ship it to Shanghai so I can pick it up before I go back to CANADIA