Qanba4 RAF Fightstick, Headphone jack problem :(

Hey everyone! I just recieved my new white q4raf from liksang :slight_smile: I am super satisfied, BUT when I tried to use the headsett my friends just hear a very high static…?
I even tried another headset , just to be sure, but as soon as i plug it in (all the way ofc) the static starts, and doesnt go away :frowning: Any tips? 2 different headsetts, same problem, High static.

ps: the headsetts works perfect in my regular kontroller… no static… only static in the qanba stick :frowning:

I think the connection from the PCB inside to the Headphone jack is lose inside of your Q4 RAF.

They are infamous for problems with the headset jack.

oh no :frowning: hmm yet i couldnt find any other post with the same problem ;( I actually used the search function before posting :wink: hmm I will see if i can ope it carefully and investigate the matter… I can actually hear my friends fine, but they only hear static… so something with the mic connection only i would think… maybe grounding problem?

A quicker and possible cheaper alternative would be to get a wireless mic for your console. I have a wireless mic for my xbox and the quality for both ends (talking and hearing) is astounding compared to a wired mic. I will never use a wired mic again.

Thanks for your reply, but I feel that I shouldn’t have to buy a new headset. I payed quite much to import this stick and my friend also. Bought same stick and his is working but mine isn’t :frowning: I have sent a message to 1 of the qanba members and I will see what they say about it, maybe they can help me out! I wonder if I will void any warranty if I would to open it and have a look for possibly a bad solder joint or such?

This problem is addressed in the Qanba Thread.
There is wiring if you want to fix it.

Read the Qanba Thread for details.

Hmm yeah but that thread has 2,428 replies, so it’s quite heavy but if it’s in there somewhere I will definitely try and find it! Thanks for the tip m8!!

phew, after reading all pages i still couldnt find it… only that ppl ask for it via mail… why didnt anyone just put it up for download at the first page instead of having everyone mailing about the diagram :smiley: well… i hope that i get it in the mail soon! Thanks all for the help!

Yes, I thought it was weird to not have the fix for everyone to see.
Instead, it is e-mailed to people who ask. :sad:

I think that if you keep reading, you will find that someone had posted the fix for everyone.