QanbaQ4 not working on PS3 anymore, only PC(and maybe xbox)?

So I had my QanbaQ4 connected at the same time that my xbox-for-windows controller was connected, and I restarted my computer and did a windows update. All of a sudden my Q4 started only reading as “Xbox 360 controller for Windows” and when I tried to connect it to my PS3, it says “An unknown device has been connected.” even though the console switch is still on PS3/PC and it won’t work. I’ve tried uninstalling and disabling the driver, restarting my PC and PS3, and connecting a PS3 controller at the same time as the Q4, but nothing works. Has anyone have the slightest clue what is wrong, or if there is a fix or not?

Edit:Also I had just switched out the buttons today on the stick before this all happened

Your PCB in your stick might be done for. You can use a PS360+ as a replacement PCB.

If you purchased the joystick from us, please email us at with your purchase information and we will assist to the best of our ability.