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[SIZE=2][SIZE=3]Qanbashop[/SIZE] is official Qanba Online Shop Distributors of Qanba Arcadre Fightstick.[/SIZE]

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at official qanba web pagewww.qanba.com
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Our business times are Monday to Saturday.
Fightstick that we sell including All generations of Qanba fightstick including Qanba Q1 fightstick, Qanba Q2 fightstick, Qanba Q3 fightstick, Qanba Q4 fightstick and Qanba dual stick.

**[SIZE=4]Where is QanbaShop? **[/SIZE]
The head quarter of Qanba Onlin Shop is located at Hong Kong. Detail Address is below:
Unit A, 29/F , Legend Tower, 7 Shing Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong

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Please feel free to email us at** qanbashop@gmail.com**
**Phone number : **[SIZE=6]23589999 [/SIZE]
Who is the partner that work with QanbaShop.
The Head office of the Qanba **
** www.qanba.com

The Primary partner of QanbaShop- FightstickAsia

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  1. Qanbashop is official qanba shop distributors
    [LEFT]of qanba arcade fightstick[/LEFT]
    [LEFT]Reputation is guaranteed. Please verify our shop identity at official qanba web page[/LEFT]

  2. No pre-order is needed. All real stock to purchase. No need waiting.

[LEFT]3. All qanba products can be selected[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Qanba Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4. Q6, dual stick.he product,[/LEFT]
[LEFT] we can get any qanba fightstick for you [/LEFT]
[LEFT] As long as qanba is still producing it.[/LEFT]
4. International shipping service with tracking number
Moreover, we are located at Hong Kong which is free trading port.
The customs fee will minimize as low as it can.

  1. All purchased qanba fightstick is entitled one year free warrant

  2. Qanbashop’ partner is FightstickAsia which is
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Is the Qanba “Q1” you sell the one with Sanwa parts?

Anyone know the shipping to lets say… california from focus attack?

Playasia’s shipping is EIGHTY DOLLARS.

This qanba q1 $74.79 USD do not contain sanwa part.
Qanba do have anothe Q1 cost $92.99 USD contain sanwa joystick

We put it on sale within 24 hours

Our shipping is by standard Hong Kong Post air parcel which is trackable.

You can know the shipping cost of all fightsticks that you are going to buy

  1. by adding it into cart

  2. Choose your own destination

  3. the shipping cost will be shown and the total price will be shown

Please select your own countries currency to get more familiar shipping experence.

Another qanba q1 with sanwa joystick


Hello, is the Qanba stick bag available/will it be available?

Yes. It is on sale within 24 hours and we notice you.

Thanks. Please let me know. :slight_smile:


The qanba fightstick bag is available now.

P.S. Any qanba products that you are looking for can be found on qanbashop as long as qanba still produce it.

Reason to choose qanbashop is All Qanba Q4 is in stock. No need pre sale !

^ Thank you. I just ordered 2 via express mail. :smiley:

Dear markman,

Your order will be proceeded and online tracking number will be provided after standard listing’s days.

Thank you for your purchase.
Hope to see you again.

I’m not really seeing how to show prices in US dollars.

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At the top right corner of the page

Qanbshop Qanba Q4 raf Chun Li art work + one plexi glass
( Art work done by Channel G)

Qanbshop Qanba Q4 raf Gouken art work + one plexi glass
( Art work done by Channel G)

Qanbshop Qanba Q4 raf ken art work + one plexi glass
( Art work done by Channel G)

doesnt turn english? i click the button on top right but nothing happens.

It is in English version.

Could you try once more?

Is it okay now

on this page http://www.qanba.com/# i click the little english thing top right. nothing happens. i instead often get a popup in chinese (i think) that i suspect will lead to a chat with customer service.

on the other hand, http://www.qanbashop.com/EN/HKD/home.html, is in english and seems to work fine, although the page layout is terrible, but that is a different kettle of fish entirely.

i am not going to buy my stick until a couple weeks from now, so no worries anyways.