Qb -> fadc -> ?



Yeah, not too sure if you can really do anything with this at all… Anyone know?

Well… You can Quesadilla Bomb -> FADC -> Super but that’s kind of impossible normally :lol:

I just can’t seem to find a reason you’d ever want to do this- and thus I wonder why you can do it at all.


I also would like to know this, it seems there are two different effects after the QB, if it has been charged a lot it will knock down the opponent, or if it is charged less it will hit without knocking. If FADC is done after it, in either case, is there any way to do some major damage? like landing ultra or something?? its a bit hard to test this using the record function in training…


Yea the super is very easy :slight_smile: and sometimes very useful to deal a good chunck of damage to the likes of Akuma and Seth. But depending on the match or player, I find it more important to save the bars for EX moves, very much needed for escape or counter attack.

regarding the QB and FADC, there is only a couple of uses that I can think of, and they are both absolutely not worth the trouble in the long run. One is to QB and then FADC and throw, maybe useful if the opponent is going to die from the throw, it might catch them off gaurd, otherwise its just a waste of EX meter. The other thing I can think of is to do it for the sake of escaping from the opoonent’s ultra. I know that a blocked QB for instance can be punished by a lot of ultras, such as Zangief’s, so if you cancel it, you might make the other guy whiff his ultra. But, again, if someone becomes a bit predictable with his FADC, the opponent would not waste his ultra, and you will end up wasting your EX meter…

If there are better uses for it, please share them :tup:


You can also Ex-Guac after the cancel, but just like akashwan said. Most of the uses after a Q-bomb>FADC is not worth it. Unless you’re in the unlikely position to have one charged and it being the last match and it’s tied and you need an extra hit in after that Q-bomb and you HAPPENED to have 3 Ex-bars laying around XD I doubt any highlevel Elf player will use this as the reward/sacrifice ratio is not really balanced. If you Ex-Guac afterwards you lose 3 Ex-bars in total if you count in the cancel.

Although that Q-Bomb>FADC>retreat after a miss sounds kinda sorta helpfull? =D


i thought the general consensus was ‘El Fuerte = no FADC’

am i way off? did i miss a thread?


qbombs are horribly unsafe. like, punishable-by-ultras unsafe

fadc makes it safe

… not that i use qbomb much at all except in very specific situations


Qb -> fadc -> ex qb:wink:


How does that work? Hold all three kicks, release one ->FADC-> release the other two?




I often use the eleven fingers i have on my right hand to do this.


QB(2 sec hold) > FADC > jab > its up to you now :slight_smile:

QB and the jab links


this would have been fine in the Q-Bomb thread



Thanks for the link.

The best.