QC specials wont work unless two forwards present


hopefully I explained it correctly in the title, when I try to do a QC special suck as a Fei Long rekka it only works on second forward:


I tried on just one by releasing the stick but it didnt work:


Is this a problem or should I ignore it and continue?


…wut? What are you trying to do? A rekka or a chicken wing? If you’re trying to do a chicken wing in the first one, you’re pressing kick in the wrong position, you need to be in up-forward when you press kick. As for the rekkas, you’re most likely timing your moves wrong so that you’re not getting all 3 hits to connect on hit.

FWIW, those pictures are meaningless unless we see your motions in action.


Heres a video



This has to be a troll.


this aint MK


wtf are you talking about? I just picked up the game 3 weeks ago.


The 2nd forward input just means that you still held forward while pressing punch.
Letting the stick go to neutral before pressing punch is perfectly possible and going to work (You even managed to do it in your video which was supposed to prove otherwise)
However you obviously can’t wait ages since even SF4 inputs are cleared at some point.

Pressing Punch while still holding forward (they way it works for you) has no downside at all, so just do it that way.


What on earth was going on in the video at the 32 second mark? Reminded me of terrible footage on VHS.


no idea lol.

Ive noticed that sometimes it doesnt execute even though it says im hitting punch on the second forward. :frowning:


What’s weird is that it sounds like you’re not doing 3 clean inputs of the stick, and then a punch. It sounds like you’re doing the 3 inputs, letting it go almost back to neutral, and then hitting forward again and pressing punch. Very bizarre. It could just be me, but this would be a hint as to why you’re not getting consistent QCF motions.


If you don’t get a down forwards you won’t get the motion. You can’t do :d: :f:, you need to do :d: :df: :f:

This game was designed for an arcade stick. And actually ‘fixing’ this problem would cause serious problems.

If the second forward works, it’s because there’s another shortcut in the game that allows it.