Qcb's Shophouse: Assembled FGWidget LED, Sanwa Buttons, and more to come

So…after 50 posts (and 7 or so years…how’s that for lurking?), I have some stuff I’d like to unload, and thought SRK would be a solid place to start. I’m NYC local, so you can chop shipping off these prices accordingly if you’re in the Big Apple. Pics will go up when I’ve got time, I’m sick ATM and don’t really feel like busting my stuff out to take them.

[S]Asus Transformer TF101 16 GB - $280 Shipped[/S]
Sold to Mr. Marcus Post.

Toodles FGWidget LED, assembled with screw terminals - $25 Shipped
The catch is I put this one together with jumper wire as opposed to the included resistors, as I thought I’d be tinkering with some resistors of my own, but got lazy. So if you’ve got some LEDs and resistors around and just don’t feel like soldering the board, welp, this one’s for you. Weird, but might be of use to someone. I’ll include the original resistors as well.

Sanwa OBSN-30s, 6x Red/Black Rim, 2x White/Black Rim, Used - $20 Shipped
Medium amount of play. They work just fine, but I’m swapping them for some OBSCs.

Dark Souls - PS3 - $40 Shipped
Potentially selling this. I loved Demon’s Souls, but couldn’t get into this, I just don’t have the time. I’m an old ass man, I guess.

Thanks for looking, and PM me with any questions. Might not be too responsive at first as I’m still figuring out the logistics of replacing/upgrading some of the stuff here. Pics to come…

Im definitely interested in a Transformer. Anything I can offer in partial trade towards it?

Normally, from you, there’d be a bevy of stuff I’d want to trade for, but I’ve got no stick projects going on at the moment, and can’t think of anything too specific off the top of my head. If I decide to snag a Tek Case from Art on the cheap before the sale is over, I’ll let you know…otherwise, I’m pretty much looking for cash to put towards a smartphone. Thanks for checking in!

Sorry, I will delete post and post on hot deals thread.