QCF+K Uses!?

I was wondering for what, if anything other Ibuki users, use that move for. I’ve seen a few guys trying that silly Standing RH, tap, dash, Standing RH repeat; which can seriously leave you open to get destroyed.

I myself use it after certain moves, in certain rotations; and even then, rarely. (sweep, standing RH, jab, dash and many different forms of this same combo).

I’ve seen aruka keep constant rushdowns going, but can’t for the life of me find the same way to do it… (too much delay between the dash and the next attack)

ask feint. He uses it a lot.

It’s just like how other characters dash in to throw after blockstrings or something. For example, Ken does cr.lk cr.lp cr.lk, then dashes forward and throw or something.

You could probably mix it up with normal dashing I guess. You’d end up behind your opponent, but after a blockstring you might be a little far from him. Normal dashing has a longer animation too because it covers a lot of ground so the opponent has more time to react it. And qcf+k is faster because it can be linked into.

The Gake is best for long strings mix-ups. Like Aruka, I use them for the Gake > TK SA I set up.

  1. cr.lk > b. mp > hp > gake > throw

  2. lp > mp > hp > gake > mk > raida/tsumiji

  3. lk > mk > gake > throw/TK SA I

  4. lp > mk > gake > lk > mk > gake > throw/TK SA I

(all gake are with lk)

^ Dude thanks alot, thats really going to help my game.

Indeed good info thar.

I’ve been trying to incorporate it more and more, takes good timing

Man, I thought this shit was common knowledge, and I don’t even use Ibuki. Use it for mixups and tick throws. The main advantage to Ibuki’s command dash is that you can cancel a move with it, unlike normal dash. If the shit posted in this thread is news to you, someone really needs to do his homework.

It can also be used for tricky mixups after a landed launch against most characters.

close s.HK (or c.HK > s.HK chain) > s.MK

this will air reset them, and this where the mixup begins. You’ll end up in three different places around them after they land depending on which version of Gake you cancel the s.MK with. MK Gake will leave right in front of them in grab range. HK Gake will land you right behind them, you’ll dash under them while they air reset, but it looks like you’re going to stop in front of them. It’s good crossing them up if you condition them not to try to grab tech. If you conditioned them to keep grab teching or option selecting, then just cancel into LK Gake, which will put you in front of them but just out of grab range (except against Chunners and Q). So if they try to grab tech on reflex or option select and end up jabbing, you get a free c.LK xx QCB 2K

So the mixups are

close s. HK > s.MP:

  1. xx MK Gake > grab
  2. xx HK Gake > grab
  3. xx LK Gake > c.LK xx QCB 2K
  4. xx HK Gake > close s.HK > whatever (cross-up relaunches)

this shit rocks them if you parry an air move, just parry and hit HK and get the ball rolling

Edit: I just realized that TK SA1 means using it close to the ground. That’s actually a very good idea, as it punishes grab tech attempts, and I never thought of that. Add Tiger Kneed SA1 to what I said you can do after the launcher. There’s probably a way to option select this mixup. Does anyone know of it?

Heres a question, who uses DP+P? That move seems totally useless to me. I do it just as a joke.

As for the dash, I do use it for the standing HK into Back MP, HP, command dash w/HK and go for reset. This can be dangerous, but it often does more good than bad.

I also just use it to close gaps, but not very often. If I feel a jump in sometimes I will dash under and go for a launcher, but I think the MP slide is almost better for this because its lower.

The real shitty thing about this move is that take extra damage if you are hit during it. Ibuki already has a really low health bar to begin with.

I wish there was a way we could all play each other so we knew who to had the better end game advice.

Real men do close MK -> LK command dash -> throw and then MK -> LK command dash -> instant air (tiger knee) SA1

I use DP + P on wake-up in the corner only when I know an overhead is coming.

Won’t some overheads still hit that though? I really, really wanna find a use for that move, but it just doesn’t seem any good. I wish it had options like Akuma where you could kick, kunai, or maybe land on their head and do the neck twist throw. That would add a fun mix up to her game.

Right now I’m trying to get the dash down because I know its something I should learn, but it sucks when I eat something and take take extra damage.

I think her DP flip is just something to fool around with, like comboing into her taunt, I like to cancel into after air resets just because it looks cool

Don’t dash unsafely too often with Ibuki, use it after a blocked string

I think the PA could actually be useful… I mean your next attack/combo deals an extra 40%!! damage. Hit Akuma with SA2 after landing a PA. Its pretty funny.

DP+P isn’t bad for setting up unblockables (Ver A arcade only) on bigger characters. Knock them down and if they don’t tech roll flip over them and kunai them in one direction and super in the other. If they block, kunai breaks their guard and the super hits them for free. This is obviously risky but it’s a good way to guarantee a round if they’re almost dead. In the console version…this doesn’t work obviously. On characters that can get crossed up in the corner…this could be more useful. Again…more so if they’re almost dead since a lot of characters can punish you for doing kunai super too close to them in the corner.

Other than that…it’s good simply to cover the entire screen length in one jump and cancel into super to finish the round. If the opponent isn’t suspecting it…they’ll have almost nowhere to go and you’ll have plenty of room to throw out kunai super in mid air and finish.

Probably the most practical use (like her DP+K) is to use it to reset yourself out of corner situations. If Ken is going for low forward or low shortx2 to super in the corner…when he hits you with either kick you’ll reset back in the air and either he’ll go for super and you’ll block it or he’ll be forced to try another combo or mix up which you’ll usually have time to block. If he doesn’t do anything and hopefully isn’t expecting you to do the flip…you’ll flip out of the corner away from Ken and can throw out a kunai to mess up his attempt to punish you on the way down should he see it coming. If he’s almost dead you can go for kunai super (SA1) or if you’re far enough away use SA1 to push him back into the corner safely.

What I really dont like about the move is that it counts as a crouch! If you’re hit during the dash you take the extra damage you would from getting hit whilst crouching; which is incredibly lame if you slip up and take a hit.

It seems to have a very spooking effect on people that you’re rushing; I’ve seen alot of people try to block when we’re face to face and I do it between combos.

Sucks when fighting shotos, people love to randomly throw out an SRK against her for some reason.

That happens to you too?

Well it definitely makes sense. The risk reward factor is more often than not in the shotos favor. They get a knockdown and decent damage if the shoryu connects and as an Ibuki player you’re more than likely going to press some button to keep the shoto in block stun. Ibuki doesn’t have anything real dangerous (like losing more than a quarter of your life) if she hits you low so that gives more reason for the shoto to just option select parry and shoryu. More than likely you’ll be hitting them with something that they can parry high and if they get hit low the worst that’ll happen is they’ll be swept on the ground and take little damage or eat low short to EX qcb+K or raida which only does a bit more damage. If the shoryu whiffs it means you correctly predicted when they were going to make an offensive.

Then again…if you’re pressing any buttons when they go for that shoryu…you’re getting hit. Especially if they’re not recovering from any block stun. You don’t lose nearly half your life everytime you get hit in the face by Ibuki like you would against Chun so a shoto will take the risk if it means he’ll finally get the knockdown. Which is definitely what he wants since Ibuki has very strong pokes against shotos and they may not always want to play the poking game when they know she can win it. Correctly timed shoryus always beat or trade with pokes.

As far as the DP+P move…even if you take extra damage from the move (which I didn’t even realize cuz I don’t use it often) at least you’re airborne from frame 1 so if the Ken player was looking to do low forward super…you’ll take far less damage than what would happen if you actually were hit in a crouching position. I’d much rather get hit with low forward and reset back on my feet then get hit by low forward and lose more than a 1/4th of my life. Even getting hit with a shoryu isn’t as bad. Unless it’s Ken and he knows how to kara DP…then you take low forward super damage by being hit by 2 shoryus and he wastes no meter.

Either way…DP+P definitely goes along with qcf+P and rdp+K as Ibuki’s less useful specials. It has its uses here and there but generally the move is way too risky to use more than once a round in a serious fight. I’ll run it a few times a round against lesser players in tournaments. Especially against Yun players who get antsy and activate from a distance. Using the DP+P to move to the other side and cancel to SA1 buys you a lot of time and forces them to turn around before they can even start getting near you.

The HP version gives her a bit more jumping height than her normal super jump. The funny thing about using DP+P and cancelling into SA1 on the way down is that unlike a regular kunai…Ibuki will still throw the super towards the opponent even though her back is turned away from them. Meaning you don’t have to jump over the opponent to get the super to direct itself towards them. With a regular or EX kunai she always throws the kunai in the opposite direction that she’s moving forward in (generally away from the opponent). SA1 allows her to create a bit of trickery by throwing the super in the direction of the opponent so if you’re baiting them by using the move a couple times with regular or EX kunais to confuse them. Then the opponent may try to dash away from you instead out of reaction and you can them confuse them once again by throwing the SA1 at them. I get confused looks from opponents when they see Ibuki turn around in mid air and start throwing a bunch of kunais at the opponent. :lol:

Aside from getting out of the corner with the dp p I use another quite useful setup. When the opponents back is against the corner do a mk and cansel to dp p. Throw out ex kunais when ibuki crosses up the opponent. The kunais should hit them from the corner side. Can lead to a combo with whatever you choose (lp, mp, f+lk), but if not you sure as hell have suprised them. Ofcourse this leads to you being in the corner but hey, element of suprise damit. :looney:

aside from feints, this should be also used for zoning. depending on the other person’s fighting style and distance, i usually use this dash as soon as they leave the floor for a jump. this can set you up for a RH launcher, in which case you can follow up with a super jump cancel or whatever chain you want.

if you’re getting hit with shoryu’s during the dash you’re not mixing it up well enough. the key is still utilizing option select parrying while keeping them guessing. it’s harder than it sounds since ibuki plays extremely fast. play with speed but not with recklessness. stay on your toes but always one step ahead. if you tend to get hit with shoryu’s go for the parry instead of the dash.