QCF people

What happened to my case? its been three weeks since you shipped it and your not answering my emails… i feel like it isnt turning up… someone from QCF let me know whats happening i have a feeling it isnt going to be coming!!!

same exact thing is happeining here! I emailed neil about my case tuesday and havn’t heard back from him? and he is ussualy quick to reply. last time i heard from him he said his last shipments got fucked up, and he was building me a new case.

The last thing i heard it was shipped not a thing since :sad: that was 3 weeks ago as i said :sad:

hey neil is a good honest man and im sure there is a reason. i havnt gotten a random email from him in a while at all. mayb somethin came up and hes outa town or somethin or he could be sick. because i know he wont leave like that and not respond. be patient and he will get back.

and i was just about to send an email regarding a case order too…

go finkle. just kidding.

i personally met neil and i can honestly say he is nothing but professional. he must be sick or out of town or somthing, because when i was ordering my stick from him, he was ALWAYS on top of his emails, im talking less then a day to respond. so dont worry, im sure your cases will get there, and you will love them. :tup:

Right now neither nasci nor finkle are answering the emails I’ve sent :sad:

To be honest i dont think they have ripped me off, just gets a bit worrying when you buy something and your told it was shipped three weeks ago then you get no contact when you always had spot on contact. Neil has always been nice as pie and happy to help. I know QCF.com have sorted plenty of people out on SRK with quality sticks i just want to find out whats happened to my case if it was shipped three weeks ago you can never trust customs people :sad:

Yeah, neil just made a huge reheal on a DC custom I just ordered and it got shipped to someone else accidentilly. He hasn’tanswered my e-mails at all. Wonder what’s going on…

I’ve been in contact with finkle the past couple of days and he’s replyed to my emails no problem.

Hmmmm that is worrying that people arent getting replies but you are! i’ll send them another email today but if demon is getting replies why is no one else?

He got a reply from finkle which I also finally did yesterday, he seems quite busy at it took him four days. Nothing from nasci yet though…

Neil will come thru, I gaurantee it. Just wait, something must have happened.

neil is missing???


Sorry everyone!!!

I’m back now. I got called in to help with tech support and programming for an online Hurricane Katrina center to help victims find shelters, and to help people who have homes, supplies, etc etc communicate with eachother in an online forum.

It took up all my time, and kept me away from my home, email, and everything else.

If you need me I’m back now and you can reach me via email, AIM, or whatever.

I’m also having to re-make some things that were mailed out but never arrived due to getting lost or damaged while in transit when all this craziness hit.

So far I had to re-make 2 sticks and 2 cases that were never deleiverd, and I also had to catch-up on orders placed before it all hit.

I have a bunch of sticks and cases ready to go that were finished before I got asked to help out with the center. I’ll be shipping all of them out this week.

Feel free to email me at neil@quartercircleforward.com or you can also call me if you want to talk to me directly.

I’ll give out my cell phone number. It’s 443-326-3165

I’m playing catch-up right now to see what goes where, what is left to be done, etc etc.

If anyone has any questions or needs me for anything just contact me. I’m back at my normal work right now and have access to my email. You can also call if you want:) Although I won’t be able to answer a call until I get home from work at 6pm.

Yay Neil is back in town, Good shit helping out with the Katrina situation Neil a stick builder and a saint it seems :tup: , i’ll just wait for you to get round to my email no rush dude now i know your back on the case :tup:

You can always send me a new email so it’s fresh in my inbox. That would actually be helpful. Right now I’m trying to sort through my messages and see who I need to contact, mail things to, etc etc. It’s a lot of catch-up.

Some cases and sticks are made and ready to ship out, others will be done by the end of the week. I’m making sure that any orders that were lost in transit get done first in line.

If anyone needs anything just email or call me. I’ll take care of you.

Not a saint, I just got asked to help out and said yes. Although taking off to do that without notice gave some of you quite a scare. So sorry about that.

If people can give me a day or two to catch up and ship all this out that would be great. If anyone can’t handle that then just contact me and ask for a refund and I’ll be happy to do that as well.

That a pretty brave thing to do.