QCF people

Brave? lol. I just want to let people know that I’m around, on top of things, and that they can get in touch with me.

Thanks for letting us know! I’m also wating on a stick. I did some work over in LA also, probably around the same time you did.

That’s cool. It’s nice to know people all pitched in. Which stick is yours?

phew neil’s back!

Mine is the Alley-Oop! Stick. Its the logo with the Panda on it. Check out my post titled “Attn: Stick Builders”

Ah the Alley-Oop! Cool, it’s always nice to know who’s who.
Your’s is good to go as well now:) I’m going to try to hit the UPS store this weekend.

I don’t know if this is possible, but by any chance could you email me a picture of it? Thanks!


Right on. Just email me and I’ll send it off.

  • Neil

I sent an email, just hit me up at
final_cut@mac.com. thanks.

I sent one as well.

How are things coming along? its been a while since you have gotten back to me, didn’t you say you were going to the UPS store last week to ship it?

…still waiting for a response…

anyone get ther sticks/box yet? I still havn’t gotten mine yet! I sent neil an email a couple days ago and havn’t heard back either?

Nope, I haven’t heard anything from him since beginning of September, I placed my order back in August, still waiting on it…

Ditto. Ordered mine in July…

Same here i havent heard a word since Neil replied to the thread and i still dont have my case :sad:

nasci: i want qcf logo shirts. that elephant is hot as fuck, i would seriously pay $$ for a nice tee with the pink elephant on it. as long as the shirt was a nice cut/fit. if you don’t feel like making shirts, any chance i could get a high res logo and do it myself? im happy to put the website on the shirt for free advertising.


Are we beating a dead horse? Should I get my money back from paypal?

I dont know whats up… i just want my case, i’m having to suffer a stock X-arcade at the moment :sad: