QCF presents Super Saturday 2009/Tempe, AZ/01-31-09

Hey everyone! It’s been a while, but after the success of Octoberfist 2007, Quarter Circle Forward is finally back with a new event for the Arizona community. With all the great new games coming this year, we want to give a warm goodbye to the classics we love so dearly. We’ve played the hell out of these games for years, so let’s make sure they go out with a bang!

Join us for some classic fighting game action!

January 31, 2009

— LOCATION (Subject to change)
University of Advancing Technology
2625 W. Baseline Rd.
Tempe, AZ 85283

Here’s a map of the location: http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&geocode=&q=2625+baseline+rd+tempe,+az&sll=33.379315,-111.976197&sspn=0.008654,0.01914&g=2625+baseline+rd+tempe,+az&ie=UTF8&ll=33.379136,-111.976197&spn=0.008654,0.01914&z=16&iwloc=r1

3:00PM MST
On-site registration begins at 2PM!

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike
Marvel vs. Capcom 2
Capcom vs. SNK 2
Super Street Fighter II Turbo: HD Remix
Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection
Dead or Alive 4

…$5 entry per tournament
…Standard double-elimination rules for all tournaments unless otherwise stated
…Bring your own controller/arcade stick
…Bring your own converters (we will try to have some on hand but we can’t make any guarantees!)
…There WILL be casual setups
…Potential side tournaments for Guilty Gear XX Accent Core, Battle Fantasia, and more! Further details at the event

Above all else, we want everyone to come meet new competition, make friends, have fun, and kick some ass! Let’s give the classics the sendoff they deserve! Be there, or be low tier. :slight_smile:

Can not wait.

Who’s going to this I’m going to enter in Marvel anybody else…

Gonna try my hardest to get off of work. Hopefully I will be able to make to some of the tourneys!!!

To clear the air on the equipment that will be provided for the day of the tournament. In the case of sticks that will be there. I will talk to everyone that will be helping me out in running the event what they can provide. Me, personally I can provide two 360 sticks, one PS2 stick, and one PS3 stick.

But, keep in mind it is recommended to bring your own controllers and converters for your own use.

Tucson is considering and will RSVP here when we decide, probably yes though XD

Can we add Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix? Say yes…

…it’ll get more people than DOA4.

im down for this. be a nice tourney before sf4 comes

I dont see battle fantasia on this list… :frowning:

I don’t see guilty gear on this list >.>

i dont see killer instinct 1 either. wtf. man i suck at that game

I’m assuming platforms are:


HDR on 360 or PS3?

Needs more Battle Fantasia and GG.

I’m surprised GG isnt up there considering you phoenix peeps have a bunch of GG players.

KI would be interesting. Just need to wipe the dust off my Orchid :slight_smile:

And ill speak for tucson and say were down!* The Avenger* is GO!

Which ever most people would prefer to play the game on. I know gameplay wise there is no real differences outside the controller issue.

I am willing to hold a side tournament for GG Accent Core if the people will show up.

Okay, if you’re taking votes I vote PS3

No, no it wouldnt, just save me the time and just hand me the money instead =D

btw, 360 HD trumps ps3 version so hard, its not even funny

You’re lucky I don’t have the game so I can learn the Watson infinite!


you want some of this too mister DOGG!?!?!?!?!?!?! <3

There are offline differences? I’ve never heard anyone mention any.