QCF x2 methods

Hi, what are some diffrent methods to pull out qcfs? What do you find easiest? I often find that buffing one qcf in the move no matter what is the way to go but it seems a lot of people do not do this. What I mean is D.MK, finish qcf, roll another qcf+kicks.

I also use a pure qcfx2 as in mp,hp, qcfx2 or c.mp qcf. I do not buffer any qcfs in these moves, only pull them out after. In general, for crouching hit confirms I buffer one qcf as I find going back to neutral and pulling out 2 seperate qcfs harder. For standing confirms like s.mp, mp,hp chain, so on, I qcfx2 after as a seperate command.

Recently I have been playing around with qcfx2 on short short super and find out I can do it pretty well on the right side but not the left.  The qcf motions are more like quick jerks that slide from up to down and back up + down again.  It seems like a lot of work but seems to just work for me as long as I am on the right side.  How do you guys pull off your qcfs with various hit confirms?

busting out a first qcf on any kick moves is fine, but i find u have to be careful when u do this with any of the punches, cuz it has a chance to negative edge into a hadouken, which could really f*ck u over.

for hit confirms using s.mp or c.mp, i put the stick into the down position after the move begins. understandable for a c.mp, but it makes busting out 2x qcf a little quicker for s.mp. c.mp is much easier to link, cuz it allows for cancels, and if by chance you negative edge into a hadouken then SAIII, ur still in the clear.
For s.mp and c.mp, i just do qcfx2 really fast once i confirm a hit, and drum out the kicks.

If I don’t have time to input 2 qcf in mpxhp chain, its fine cuz u can always cancel into hadouken x SAIII

When I do the rotations for short short, I used to have a problem of doing the rotation too fast, and getting a SAIII instead of a 2nd short. just get a good rythm and just make sure you are in the total down position when executing a short.

i NEVER hitconfirm with cr.mk anything else is ok

hit confirming a c.mk is arguably impossible to do purely on reaction.

I didn’t want to start a seperate topic for this, but does anyone have any general tips on hit confirming/executing shortx2 super?

For some reason I get c.short then s.short and it looks really dumb.

What am I doing wrong to cause this/how do you buffer the qcfx2 into the c.lk’s?

Doable on arcade; not possible on console though due to the speed differences.

“c.short, c.short xx SA3” I do this:

:d:+:lk:, :df:+:lk:, :r:, (wait for confirm) :qcf: + :lk::mk::hk: (drum)

I know I’m a noob so maybe I shouldn’t be giving advice but I find it easier if i negative edge it. :d::df::mk::r::qcf: release button.

My technique is like Acer1236’s except I go back to down before/during the confirm. It’s easier for me just to roll up from that point.

your letting go of down too quickly or not pressing short short fast enough.

while ur crouching tap short twice really quick and the 2nd one will come out automatically meaning u dont have to time the 2nd one. make sure u dont stop crouching during ur short short.

when your doing these u have to press light K/P as fast as you can