QCFGaming.com - Budget Stick Cases - Plexiglass cases are here!

Hello everyone,

This thread is to announce that Satek and I have recently opened up a new website featuring budget arcade stick cases.

Starting at only $25 + S/H our cases will be perfect for newer players who are just getting into the scene but want to try the ‘custom’ route, as well as people looking for an inexpensive case that they can get in their hands quickly and easily.

We currently offer three styles of cases as shown below.

-A Sanwa slim profile plexiglass DIY case made of MDF.

-The DIY case, which is an unfinished MDF box ready for priming and painting.

-A finished case which is stained and clearcoated and ready to go.


7-1-09 Some updates:

Right now the Sanwa Finished and Happ DIY cases are in stock.

A few things that are worth mentioning:

  • For the time being, we do not plan on taking custom orders.

We do however offer an option of different button layouts. See the checkout page on the site for more details.

We will only sell cases that are produced and ready to go. We do not want to get into a situation where we are backed up and have a waiting list.

If you are able to complete the checkout process on the site, your case is ready to ship.

Here are some previews of what a few early buyers have done with our cases.

http://qcfgaming.com/images/completed previews.jpg


That’s a great offer!

Looking very nice. I think I will try and jump on this:wgrin:

satek was selling these Cases on eBay right?

This is great!

what it is right now!! subscribed!!!

I got two of the Happ cases, but haven’t painted them yet. They are great, but I haven’t had the time to finish them yet.

I have a happ case too from these guys. But I also havent had time to paint it. I’ll post pics when I do.

pretty awesome looking stuff. will the sanwa ready cases be $25 too? i assume that’s a pipe dream as they’re made with nicer wood and not MDF. and will there be an MDF sanwa version too? or just the separate designs/cutouts.

either way, nice job and nicer prices!

The $25 price is for the Happ style case (there will be a few styles of that available, starting at $25).

The Sanwa case will still be a very good deal, trust me :tup: . Especially considering it will be finished and ready to go when you buy it (not a DIY like the Happ style).

A DIY MDF Sanwa case is a possibility, but we haven’t decided anything on that yet.

Thanks for the kind words from the ebay buyers.

Just some history for you and your friend lucky. About 3 to 4 years ago, there was some guy selling cases like yourself. He called his enterprize, QCF (quarter circle forward) just like you guys. In a month to 2 month time period, he established himself as a reputable seller. After that he took many orders and started saying that the demand was so high the orders would be slightly delayed. Long story short, he wound up taking the money of a lot of srk folk and never giving them a stick. He ripped them off. Whats the point of my story? You guys should change your name in order to avoid confusion and getting bad rep for no reason.

Hello, yes that is me.

Thanks a lot KOAB, it’d be great to get pictures when you’re done with them.

No, I’m sorry to say that the Sanwa cases will not be that cheap, especially since they are already stained and clearcoated. The pictures shown actually make them look worst, however, the new batch should be better.

Ah, that’s is terrible news. Had I known about this, Lucky and I would’ve chose a different name. I guess it’s a pretty common name. We are combating this by only selling cases that we have in stock, not taking orders and then making them. This way, there shouldn’t be a problem. (Also, there is Paypal dispute, which buyers always win if nothing is shipped.) I have no intention of stealing money.

Thanks for the interest everybody!

Thanks for letting us know, unfortunately with the domain purchased and site designed changing the name at the moment isn’t an option.

We hope that by filling orders in a timely fashion, and keeping an open line of communication with everyone here via this thread people will see that we have no connection to any site that may have existed before.

If it becomes a real problem in the future, we may consider changing it, but who knows.

As a side note, I just checked and that other guy’s old site looks terrible. I really hope that my design work is a little more appealing, lol.

I appreciate the head’s up though.

Guys, we would love to get finished pictures when you get around to completing your sticks.

In about a week the site will have an online form where you can submit your completed works for display in the custom gallery.

For the time being, if you pm me the pics I will get them up on the site.

Quick question. Will the Happ boxes fit the Happ optical stick? That stick appears to be a bit deeper.

Can you tell me the dimensions of the boxes. I am brainstorming a million ideas right now. Thanks for the inspiration!

Yeah, I got ripped off by QCF a good while back. That’s why I ended up making my own cases. If that’s not you, than I wish you luck, but that name has a pretty big stigma attached to it around here for people that have been around a while.

When the site opens there will be two styles of Happ cases up for sale.

The older one which we are just putting up to sell out (there will only be two of them available) will have a height of 3.25".

The newer style, which more quantities will be available will have a height of 3.75".

I’m not familiar with the clearance needed for the optical, but hopefully that helps.

I think it’s about a half inch deeper than the Comp stick. Thanks for the info.

Yeah, it’s a bummer that we didn’t know about it.

But if it helps I did some research and the old QCF guy was from Baltimore and is about 34 years old.

Our sticks will be built in Texas, and trust me, we’re much younger than that :wgrin:

We will definately live up to our promises.

The internal clearance will be about 2.6" to 2.75". I would assume since a Happ stick fits fine in the old case that a P360 will fit in the new (since you say it’s about a .5" difference, and that’s the difference in the cases).

But we will make sure we take care of you if there are any problems.

Site is now open guys. Let us know what you think! We would love your feedback.