QDs .187 ~ .250

Can these be used for Sanwa buttons? Now I know the necessary ones are .110s but I ended up getting these by mistake (didn’t look at the small text that said .187, .250) ugh. These are for 18-22 gauge wire (which I why I picked them up in the first place).

Wha? Either they are .187 or they are .250, they can’t be both. Maybe they mean they are .250 and can work ok on .187 terminals.

Trying to use them on .110 terminals is a bad idea. Sure, you can get it to work, but if you want the best possible outcome, use the right tools for the job. If you super crunch the terminals so they fit on your buttons, trying to remove them to replace a button will be nasty. Use the right tool for the right job.

Well, I worded the thread wrong, more like I have .187 and .250 QDs, damn label.

Anyway I’m considering ordering from this place for .110 QDs http://www.jammaboards.com/ , I don’t know anything about them though.

I’d highly recommend ordering from Mirasonic on ebay. His prices are low and his shipping is reasonable.

.110 Quick Disconnect

He doesn’t ship to Canada. =/


What about these? =x

Seems like a good place to ask…

I’m new to stick wiring…the wood working part I can handle easily…it’s the whole quick disconnect thing I’m trying to get a handle on … I ordered some Seimitsu PS-14-K an PS-14-P as well as the Seimitsu LS-32-01 joysticks. What size quick disconnects and wire should I use for wiring these up? Where can I find out what size quick disconnect will work on these? Any help is appreciated.

IIRC the sticks don’t require QDs, and Seimitsu buttons should be able to use the same size female QDs as Sanwa pushbuttons.

Sanwa&Seimitsu sell quick disconnects (110,187 and 250). They even sell those vinyl/plastic sleeves for them

What size will fit best on the PS-14-K and PS-14-P? Do you sell them?

I sell everything Sanwa/Seimitsu has. I personally ordered 100QDs and 100 sleeves to go with them, from Sanwa. I will get my package soon I hope so I can investigate.
So offcourse they fit the seimitsubuttons :).
Seimitsu sells them also and they should work perfect with all buttons they have, otherwise it would be odd don`t you think :).

PS: All Sanwa/Seimitsu buttons use .110 QDs (except those OBS-30B and what not, they use .187). Seimitsu joysticks that don`t have the 5-pin connector uses .187 QDs, that goes for the Sanwa JLW-joystick also.

Yeah, that would be quite odd.

Thanks for the info, Per!

Ooo, can you get said QDs? Apparently the ones that I bought can’t be used for my Sanwa pushbuttons. :frowning:

Yeah he can, he said a couple posts above.

Yes I can get those, I ordered them from last time:

(it says AT-110 and SR110 on the bags).

What did you buy if they don`t fit Sanwabuttons? Are yours .110?

Remember that time I sent you that link to some pics of QDs? And you said as long as they are for 22-18 gauge wire I should be fine? Well, I bought them, but only to realize a long time later that they are for .187 and .250 and not .110. This is what I get for not reading the small text on the bag. ~_~

Damn, that is not good :/. If you need any QDs with my next order just say so, it can be shipped by AirMail and it weighs almost nothing so it should be quite good price on shipping.

Dang, I should have ordered some from you, now I have to pay out the butt for these QD’s and shipping.

Ok, let me just get my paypal ready, and I’ll see if I can make the order, it’s by March 19th right?

Yes. I could send you 50 pcs of .110 QDs and 50 pcs of sleevs from Sweden when I get them if you want (I get the package next week sometime)? I will buy more later on anyways. It would be cheaper for you also (no handlingfee and such).
Send me a pm if you want to.