"QQ MORE" Florida MK9 Tournament

The title says it all! MK9 TOURNAMENT!!! Thats right! Lets make this one big! its about a month from now so I wanna see some central and north FL players showin up for this!! Chances are IT WILL BE STREAMED! But I haven’t exactly made that official yet. But when I say it will be streamed, I MEAN IT!!! Ill keep you posted on that. But I can tell you this, the more that show up, the better chance that it will! Details below!

Location: Zero Ping lan center Hollywood FL, 441 and lucky street.
Date: Oct 8th 2011
Time: doors and registration open at 11 am. singles start at 1 PM
Entry Fee: 10 bucks
Door fee: 5 bucks
Pay % layout: 70, 20, 10
Banned stages: Kratos stage
Banned characters: ^ kratos
Banned skins: UMK3 cyrax, MK2 smoke
Format: 2/3 rounds double elimination, losers/winners/grand finals will be 3/5 rounds

Ill try and get a tag team tournament or a crew battle tournament (3v3s) going depending on how many people show up! Ill have the details on that soon. Ill be accepting all MMs for UMK3 and maybe even a mini tournament for one of the classics if anyone wants to throw down a buck. We have plenty of tvs but are in need of some ps3s so if we can get some ps3s that would be very much appreciated.

Also, ZP is right across the street from the hardrock hotel and casino. there are plenty of fast food restaurants in the area. Miami subs, burger king and mcdonalds are all 2 min drives.

Let me know if you will be attending! any questions, concerns, comments or complaints please let me know!!! Lets make this tournament a one to remember!

Attendance list (SO FAR):

ZP Sega