Q's a blast! Really fun to play with!

I first mained Twelve, but decided to try out Q since he just looks awesome with his stylish clothes and his epic hat.
He really is fun to play with! I had a tough road with him, but once I finally mastered the usage of his normals, I pretty much played with him a lot better and it changed a lot of my gameplay!

I love hitconfirming his dash punch into super, it does a ton of damage and can change the fight drasticly in your favor if you get the chance.

So far I have a winning record (ranked 3SO matches) of 14 Wins and 0 loses against a bunch of Chun li’s, Kens and Yuns. Not too bad eh?

(I know he sucks, but I jus thought of sharing this since he’s a fun character and the Q forum is pretty much dead)