Q's defensive options

I’ve been looking through the old threads on Q, but they are all pretty much focused on Q’s offensive game. But what does Q do when he gets pressured? What are his best options with/without meter? How on earth does an unmetered Q stop Yun after getting knocked down other than doing a guess parry? How does unmetered Q hold off a rush without being a parry god?

Random WTF: standing and sometimes crouching short stuffs Elena’s overhead special (not EX).

With meter: Random SA1.
No Meter: Block, wait for a kara throw.

When unmetered, what options do you have against someone who may try to command (or kara command…) throw you as you’re getting up?

I usually fall back on blocking and throwing when I’m getting pushed too, but isn’t there anything else?

Finally, he sees the power that is random supers.

is there any way to deal with Yun’s divekicks without having to parry? Q can’t throw Yun after blocking well-placed divekick, and Q has to guess if Yun jumps out with strong or does a low attack after the divekick so it’s not like you can block them all day. landing the C&DB seems pretty much impossible too.

Ah, Q in the corner. Good times.

Well, you can try for a kara throw after a blocked dive kick. That’ll work sometimes. Other than that, you could try back + strong or jumping strong, but both of those can be pretty easily beaten, especially if you guess wrong. It’s best to just learn how to parry.

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

can’t throw (or kara-throw) Yun after divekick.

i guess i’ll learn to listen out for the girly scream that comes with the divekick and just parry.

try ticking c&db with a short

i think short can stuff yun’s c.forward

Wouldn’t Q’s heavy punch scratch stop the brother’s dive kick?

a lot of things can stop the divekick. unfortunately, if you guess wrong and the divekick doesn’t come, Q usually eats a big fat combo.

random note. after divekicking, Yun has the option of jumping back out with a SP or doing a low normal. Q can jump in anticipation of Yun’s jump and smack him with a j.FP, follow with taunt. not the most magnificent of counters, but it’s there.