Q's low tackle

is this useful at all as a knockdown? the ex could be used as a cheap version of alex’s tackle (so a cheap cheap version of uriens) but on the other hand its really slow and pretty easy to beat out. so does anyone use this in 50/50 setups at all or to regain control?

I wouldnt recommend it used to often…id say 1/4 just throw it in randomly and noone will expect it

Wait a hour or so…my teamate will post on here give you a better answer

What he said, its really punishable if you miss. mix it up with Overheads and sweeps if your opponent is defensive

I would say 3/6ths forward, 2/6ths overhead and 1/6th sweep. The sweep and overhead are very punishable while the forward isn’t. The forward is easy to parry and right when they think they got you pinned with the parry start mixing it up with highs and lows.

It works if it’s unexpected, and the opponent doesn’t block low by default when he sees a dash punch coming.

If you’ve had several dash punches blocked [low], you can first go for an overhead, then low, and take it from there. Or find another way. A blocked dash punch will often be your most realistic goal. It’s good for positioning, still. And parry opportunities. And chip damage. And pressure.

The problems with low dash punch aren’t just that it’s punishable (which, as said above, it definitely is) and that it’s very slow to come out (which, again, it totally is), but also that the opponent doesn’t normally need to block any way other than low against Q. Like, if the opponent is blocking against you, he’s probably blocking low, meaning low dash punch will probably get blocked and you’ll get supered etc. This is why overhead dash punches are generally better; they take advantage of the opponent’s tendency to block low against you.

Low dash punch only becomes a viable option in certain cases. One is if the opponent really likes to try to parry dash punches; low dash punch has a chance of screwing him up. Of course, that begs the question as to why you’re being so predictable with your dash punches that the opponent is parrying them, because you shouldn’t be using dash punches often enough for them to predictable. Another is if you’ve been using overhead dash punches and uoh so that the opponent can’t expect to be able to block low all the time. You should be using uoh as a poke anyway, and an occasional overhead dash punch is good too; it’s unsafe, but hello, you’re playing Q, your options < the opponent’s options. The last case is if you need to score ex low dash punch xx SAI on a retreating opponent or else you’re dead (ie when facing a turtle Chun)… this is rare, to say the least.

Low dash punch is used VERY rarely, as everyone already said, its easily punished and its so slow you can see it coming and just low block from standing, I actually would never use it unless I’m going for ex xx sa1, I also rarely use over head cause it gets punished by everyting on block, I might only use it with sa2 in case I need to catch a crounching over head xx sa2, but thats about it.