Q's stage in VS mode

I see it all the time in Japanese match videos, but I’ve never been able to get it actually playing the game. Even with Q mirror. Is this just a problem with the emulated version? I haven’t actually played it at the arcade since the last local one shut down here.

What videos are you watching? I’ve never seen it.


That’s arcade event mode, the only place you can get Qs music outside of fighting the CPU version in arcade mode by meeting the requirements.

this is the dudley stage…only change this music…

Ah, cool. I’ll just make sure to set the dipswitch from now on.

What do you mean by that?

What exactly is it that you have to do?

If you play in MAME/on an arcade machine, there’s an option you have to toggle to enter Event mode, which enables 2 player right off the bat and when either player wins it resets to the start screen, and I believe it’s free to play as well. It just completely removes the CPU portion of the game.

It also allows you to change characters even if you won the match.

I wonder why people dont use this on Kaillera then?


Because then they wouldn’t be able to take screen shots bragging about how they beat some random scrub 20 times in a row using Sean :tup:

I knew somethin slipped my mind

What is it that you have to do to get Q’s music.

Just do what he said. Put it on event mode (1 match).
It’ll go to Dudley’s stage with Q’s music when somebody picks him.