Q's True Identity!!!!!!!!


Thats a lot better than my Leo Di caprio man in the Iron mask theory…

Hehe Ultraman is badass. :tup:

But yeah, if you want to see something really trippy, theres this anime called **Giant Robo **and it shows where the design for Q originated.
Look for the character that Q looks like at 00:58, 01:20, and 01:41.
Also, he just so happens to be fighting against the Q organization. (You can see the Q logo on the train at 01:36 & 01:37).

How’re you not banned for double posting a topic?


No actually, Q is based on this guy.
I wish Q had face pistols, and stuff like this guy.


Yeah i’ve seen that before and I should mention that the design for that character in giant robo was inspired from Robotto Keiji. So it’s kinda a chain of tributes. So in a way, we’re both kinda right. :looney:
Although the GR design is pretty close to the Q we see in 3rd, story wise, its way more like Robotto Keiji. :tup:

What’s so cool about online rep?


people should be more like this guy


nice. you even got akuma with his wig off standin’ next to Q. I wonder where you got this pic…?

lol @ akuma.

That site with all the arcade flyers, some pretty good SF3 shit in there.

What akuma’s a baldy? And Q is Dick Tracey lol. So he is human but probably like Jax in MK where he has robotic crap on him.

Haha, even Elena’s in there if you sort of use your imagination. :wgrin:

Im starting to think its Bison

i see akuma, ken, karin, elena

Q’s true identity is…


Since we all know balrog doesn’t play fair, he decides to steal Robot K’s armor and use it… o.O

I don’t fucking know lol

I once heard from some joker that Q is Bruce Wayne.

I heard that Q likes mudkips.