Quad Cities and Inbetweeners - Witty Thread Title


Sup dudes. I wanted to start a new thread for this cause i’m not really sure where it would belong. Being on the edge of IA and IL i’m hoping we get people on both sides of the river and honestly I think this could be a good central spot for people caught somewhere out in between the other major scenes.

**I’ve been trying to put together a meetup here in Bettendorf, IA at a place called Gamerz Arena. 2334B Spruce Hills Dr in the mini-mall next to Pizza Hut. Right now we’re showing up on Saturday around 5 pm. **

They are more of a lan center than an arcade but they have 3 big monitors for each system. Games, sticks and/or pads need to be brought with you. Extra systems wouldn’t hurt if it’s not too much trouble for you. I bring my ps3 with skullgirls (play dead games with me) If this turns into something they’ve also got plenty of smaller monitors for their computer setups I’m sure we could use. The owner is super chill and seems to be all for the idea of hosting anything we manage to put together.

Right now it’s just me and TheZuzz. The west liberty peeps I believe have been waiting for me to make a thread and get some more interest so here you go now come on out!

My idea with this right now is just a place to meetup, practice and help create a culture. If we get enough people with interest I would be more than happy to help throw together a tourney and I am capable of streaming it.

The QC is fairly big there should really be something going on here. In my short time on SRK I know I’ve seen some posts from people in the area but it’s quite a ride to get to any of the current get togethers. I really think it could help lurkers like myself who might be having trouble getting real down and dirty into games just because they might not have anyone to practice with besides online.

Hope to see people out there!