Quad Dual Mod Full Size American MAS stick and genuine/oem xbox 360 and PS3 pads


Up for sale is my Quad Mod Full size MAS six button stick.
PS2/PS3/Dreamcast/XBOX 360 compatible. PS2, DC, and USB wires.
Curleh Mustache all over print design. Happ competition stick and happ buttons.

$150 picked up. Long Beach/Lakewood/Cerritos (socal)

OEM/Genuine joypads that I have laying around:

XBOX 360 wireless pad: $20

XBOX 360 wired pad: $20

PS3 Six Axis Dual Shock pad: $20

***Take all 3 controllers for $50


MAS stick sold to Azut/Delta…

controllers are still available, make offers


Can I get the wired 360 controller.


sure. pm me for paypal info. I can ship out tomorrow…