Quad Modding


People say it can be done. Has anyone tried before? How much does it cost?


It has been done before, I have done such a mod before. Theoretically there is no limit on How many PCBs you can add to a modified or custom arcade controller as long as you can still provide power to all boards.

Cost? That varies with what ever boards or controllers you are using for your project.

What you want to Quad mod with?


Been there done that. The trouble is that the more PCBs you’re putting into the stick, the higher rate of failure you get.
Plus power consumption can be an issue. Not worth it, go for MC Cthulhu or PS360+


If I want to quad mod a stick to support 360, xb1, ps3, and ps4, what would be the easiest method and/or cost efficient method? This includes what console’s stick I should start with if necessary (example buying an xb1 stick and then starting from there).


Probably the new PS4 TE2, an XB1 Pad w/ Crossbone, and a 360 Brawlpad.