Quake 3/live matchup thread

You can download Quake3 live for free at quakelive.com. Simply register and you can instantly play it without activating your account via email. If you’re new to the game (like me) you can access the practice rooms before playing against anyone. This game is just too fun.

I’m registered as SXP.

Oh, and before playing make sure your mouse accuracy (dpi) is above 500hz, the higher the better.

I might be interested in this. I was never too great at Q3, but I loved the shit out of that game.

I play it from time to time.

I haven’t played Quake Live in forever, but when I usually played CA. I’d be willing to get into duels if anyone else wants to with me. My username is snugs, so add me if you’re interested.

I play still, If anyone wants to add me it’s the same as my user name from here.

My name is Kiilag

I’ll post links to my matches the moment i start playing so you guys can spectate.

i’m on right now.


on right now,m already won my first game with 50frags