Quake Arena Arcade


Who here has it? I do. It is just fun to pick up a gun and frag at a fast pace. No classes, just weapons.


the sad this is before i entered this thread it only had 1 view. that’s how fucked up this generation of “fps” heads are. however, quake live is pointless when you can play it better and with a larger community online with ANY pc.

im outi



no quake live is great because it’s browser based and free. prior to that if you wanted to jump into Q3 you would have your ass handed to you because anybody still playing was really good but now there’s a new group of people playing and it’s easy to to find people at your skill level.


I still play Quake. Quake is still the gold standard of 1v1 competitive gaming.

I mostly play Quake World now, but I still hop into Quake Live/3 from time to time.

But an xbox live version, ehhh, sooo many things problematic here. Just get Quake Live on the PC.


End thread.

I don’t play quake hardcore but I dabbled on the DC and playing on a controller just feels wrong for Quake. It’s too damn fast. It’s also free on PC.


UT04>Q3>all other mp shooters.


I play QuakeLive on PC sometimes, but it is nice to play on the couch viewing the TV instead of sitting on a computer chair viewing a monitor. If I could, this computer would be connected to a TV, but that is simply not the case at the moment. It seems people just forget about this.