Quake on the East Coast

Just got FLOODED with earthquake news on the east coast via FB. DIdn’t feel it in NY state.
but apparently a 5.8 quake just hit Wash. DC?

Felt it in NYC and confirmed shake from NJ and PA.

USGS: US earthquake magnitude 6.0 - epicentre was between Charlottesville and Richmond, Virginia ‘ITV’

Didn’t feel it either in NYC but my friend said he felt it for about a minute. 5.8 magnitude on channel New York 1.

My relatives called me from MD and told me they got hit with an earthquake…fucking random.
I’m glad they are okay…they had to leave their house behind.

confirmed. cnn.com

i felt it in mass…this is the first earthquake i ever felt. so weird…my house just shook like i was in paranormal activity.

I felt it like 5 minutes ago. My brother thought it was a train.


lol imagine if Cali gets hit with a tidal wave next. Mother Nature sure is ironic.

Don’t scare me son.

haha this was fucked up, i was like, why is my couch shaking

I felt it maybe 10-15 minutes ago.

Talk about a jolt. I happened to be in my car and it felt like something exploding under the pavement.

I live in SoVA, I felt it pretty strongly for a few seconds. This was my first time experiencing something like that.

I felt it in Baltimore for a good minute. I’ve heard reports as far south as South Carolina.
And we were doing seismic testing at John Hopkins on the new building haha.

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crazy we shaking in Jersey!!! 6.0 wtf??

im in nyc. i thought it was just me.

Colorado has been getting hit by quakes today too. Didn’t feel it over here though.

Felt it in Pittsburgh. Funny having everyone at work going “Did you feel that? I thought it was just me!”.

lol my news is doin earthquakes for dummy “the higher up the scale the more powerful the earthquake” hahaha no shit

In a newsroom in Toledo, here. Felt it. We actually thought it was building construction that was scheduled for today…Nope. lol.