Quake on the East Coast

lol east coast just now on that tm26 technology, we’ve had that shit for years

step yo game up

Felt it all the way here in Toronto Canada. Pretty significant too.

All of you are such pansies.

Welcome to Cali

That’s kinda like the temperature. The higher it is the more likely you’ll burn up and die.

NC here, felt it for a couple seconds. wonder what caused it really, east coast almost never gets earthquakes.

I thought I was tripping when I felt my house shaking.

Yea. Felt it in Bmore. Shit was kinda wild.

Holy fuck…

i felt it.
i wrote up in the lounge thread.
i’m going downstairs. now.

Felt it in NJ, just outside the city. Was a strange sensation … just a short wobble. Fun times…

its kinda alarming since it never really happens here…i already didn’t feel good and thought it was me.

The orgin is nxt to DC??? these ninjas is testing nxt level weapons i dont even wanna say what Im thinking lol.

Lol In philly i felt dat shit.Couple of shakes.

Called my folks in Bmore and my pops said he thought it was artillery and grab his guns. Lmao.

Its the end of the world!!! Either that or 3rd Strike Online Edition is about to be released :slight_smile:

i guess since alot of us have never felt one in their lives, it just makes sense some people never paid attention to about earthquakes in school.

You’re cool.

Definitely felt it here in NY…I was thinking to myself, “the fuck…am I dizzy?”

yeah right outside you cant even trust the ground, i think we should all move to the sky aint no skyquakes

our building got evacuated in Herndon, VA

the earthquake lasted a good 15 seconds

Richmond. It woke me up. With only two hours of sleep, I was disoriented as fuck and actually had to be told it was an earthquake. I thought an asteroid hit.

Going to try going back to sleep now.