Quakecon 2010! Who's going?

It’s coming up in 10 days or so. I’m still debating on whether or not to go. I was wondering if there was a group of you guys that are going. I have no interest in playing anything other than Street Fighter 4. If you guys are gonna be there and down for SF4, that’ll probably change my decision.

gtfo these are the starcraft 2 boards

Hmm this thread might Get closed since you should be asking in the tournament thread. . But i heard justin wong will be there O.o .

Here we go guys. Everything has finally be finalized. we have transformed Mashfest into something i think everyone will enjoy. We are giving away $2000. $500 for SSF4, Tekken 6, BBCS, and SSBB. It will be free to enter and free to play. You have the opportunity to donate to your game to make the pot bigger and show support for your scene. But you dont have to, we just want you guys to show up and play! 8/14 Dallas, TX. Quakecon


I had plans to fly into San Antonio on Friday night/ Sat morning.Is there anyone if SA that I can catch a ride to and from Dallas?

ill be there as well as 3 other peeps from down here i’ll be entering the tourny on the 14th so if you all are down for rounds on friday night lets do it. i’m more than likely going to be staying at the hilton if you need a number to get a hold of me just pm me so we can get some rounds in the night before.


I will be going up with a setup for casuals.

We have a space for 20 setups and we will be there Thursday through Sunday. If you guys would like to setup with us PM me. all our stuff will be available for casuals the whole time.