Qualification to tougeki

For the Toyugeki 2008 i have a question:

(pls correct if i am wrong)

in USA there is a tournament to select who will rappresent USA at tougeki.

the same is in Japan

Now the question is this one: me and a friend of mine are italian and we would like to rappresent Italy at tougeki for super turbo. We are only 2 so we dont need the tournament and just go there? Or it works different?


last chance qualifiers.

You could always go to one of the many qualifiers in Japan and compete in one the those with your friend.

so however it doesnt depend from where are u from but just to take place in a qualifer?


how make an official qualifiers for italy as there is in USA? Only japanese are supposed to go to japanese qualifiers…

For another country to hold a qualifier, Tougeki has to grant that country a spot.

But you can go anywhere to qualify. If I remember correctly an american team has gone to Japan and qualified at the last chace qualifiers and go it.

Does anyone know if there going to be another US SBO qualifier, other than MWC?

exactly so what i have to do if i want this option?

Get a huge scene going, bigger then 7 or 8 people.

yes there will be just wait up on it should be announced maybe next month maybe this time you wont deny your beef bowl when we approach you this time lol remember you cant hit declined this challenge once my quarter is in its in lol not like on live…

Yeah, you’re right it’s not like live, you can’t drop everytime I beat you down.

lol funny kinda knew you were gonna say that typical xbox live comeback will see at Sbo quals dont worry i wont try an approach this time i know how you look like not hard to miss if you know what i mean…

How about this, we can play before then, put up some money and we’ll play.