Qualified to go to EVO?

I didn’t know you had to be qualified to go to EVO… lmao, where do I go to do this? (im in minnesota) I know my friend in Canada they’re having a 3 day tourny thing to see who’s qualified, but as far as I know, nothings going in minnesota.

You don’t need to qualify to go to Evo.



HUH? :wtf:

So far, you’re living up to your name. :tup:

But yeah, there are no qualifiers this year. Sucks, but what can you do? No sponsorship ftl. =/

Evo North top2 qualify.

Well then, we got that covered up don’t we.

I called some fat chick “baka” at work one time in an attempt to call her an idiot. Unfortunately, this fat chick was also a latino fat chick and baka means cow in Spanish. True story. Whoops.

I thought cow in spanish was with a V not a B.

you spell it with a V but spanish V actually sounds more like a B not exactly V sounding as english

Oh thanks.

So it’s Bega, not Vega. I see :lol: