Qualifier's in UK in the future?

OK, on behalf of Neoempire.com (Uk’s equivalent of Shoryuken.com) i’d like to ask what would it take to get a qualifier for Future Evo’s in the UK.

Obviously we aren’t expecting many spots in each or even all the games, but maybe 1 or 2 spots for games we have a decent scene in would be great. I know we could definitely get large numbers for the following games. Tekken, 3s, ST/hsf2/st:HDr and ggac.

Its expensive traveling across the Atlantic, so if there was a qualifier in the UK, it would need to be fairly early in the year (No later than April i would imagine), so we can run plenty of fund raising Events to help make sure our players get to Evo.

We would be happy to work with the staff of Evo in making this happen, if you don’t want to discuss this here on the forums, then please could contact me via a pm.

Yeah there was a thread similar to this a while discussing qualifiers in South America…i think the Evo staff is gonna be patient for qualifiers like this to happen…guaranteed there should be more sponsors after this years event but maybe in a couple of years a qualifier can be held in the strong scenes of the world…like an Evo japan, Evo UK, Evo South America, or even Evo Australia

This would be a great idea that would attract more sponsors than one if Evo were to go completely around the world and who knows maybe it can get televised… but then again lets have a member of the Evo staff discuss this matter


If there ever was a UK championship ill be heading your way :smiley:

We run many large events in the UK, the actual “UK Championship” takes place in September. The top players in our regional ranking battles/qualifiers for each games get automatic entry into the later stages of the tournament, just like in Evo.

Our largest Event this year was back in January, Super Vs Battle - 2 Day event,
and since then we had,
Fighter’s Day - casual event with low key, inexpensive tournaments
Rebirth - Annual Guilty Gear tournament event with a couple of other fighters
Summer Showdown - Our New 2 Day Summer Event.

Attendance figures are usually around the 100-200 entrants.