Quality Dreamcast ports?

Hello all. I got my Dreamcast in the mail now, and I’ve mostly got it for the fighting games (ordering an arcade with an adaptor, as well).

So my question is, what good ports from the arcade are there?

So far, I’ve figured out KOF '98 (though it says 99 on the game), SF3 Third Strike, Soul Calibur, (and I think), Guilty Gear X. Not to mention, CvS2 (I had the PS2 version, first 2D fighter ever for me, but a friend never gave it back, and is now at college; now I figure I may as well look into the DC version, supposed to be slightly more accurate to the arcade version). Then I believe they released a Darkstalkers collection, I think.

I’ve played some Garou, but I hear that it’s a weakened port (but the only place I’ve heard this is in the Shoryuken wiki, so if more people can tell me it’s so that’d be nice).

I’ve never liked Marvel vs. Capcom 2 – mostly because I’ve never read any comics, and I’m more of an SNK fan than a Capcom fan (though I still like Capcom fighters when I play them, and I Capcom chars in MvC2; just I’ve played more of SNK’s fighters, particularly KOF).

So, any I’m missing? BTW, I don’t like 3D fighters, with the exception of Soul Calibur, and Project Justice (yikes, I forgot that one until right now in this post!).


ST(with the right dip switches on)

And that’s about it.

They have ST on the DC? (I’m assuming that’s Super Street Fighter II Turbo - I’m not really a SF guru here, though I could claim to be an SNK one almost).

The Garou port is acceptable, not outstanding and some of the timings are off for MVS but it’ll do in a pinch.

I would suggest no on 3rd strike for the DC, but SF3: second impact is godly.

This. Double Impact has both NG and 2I on it and it’s totally worth taking a look at. NG has heaps of it’s retarded stuff removed (a few infinites for example) and 2I has Hugo’s infinite removed. Whether that’s good or bad is up to you, but regardless, I think the NG and 2I ports on Double Impact play great.

And yeah, ST is Super Street Fighter II Turbo. The DC does have it but only in Japanese format. (If you want it, playing imports on the DC is easy.)

What’s the problem with 3rd strike on the DC? Most of the time I don’t even hear the earlier versions of the game mentioned; it’s always 3rd strike.

I looked into it, and before you posted it I found out that indeed, ST is on the DC (just as you posted now).

I also remember Guilty Gear X being on DC… that any good?

In any case, CvS2 is my main focus. It’s one of the games I can’t play on stuff like mame, and online with 2df. Except that I love the DC’s d-pad; most comfortable d-pad ever (as opposed to the ps2 one, which gives blisters since you have to press so hard).

I’m getting a fighting stick soon though, with an adaptor so it’ll be usable on my PC, PS2, and DC.

Far as I know the GGX port is fine. If I’m remembering correctly, unblockables didn’t work on Dreamcast 3rd Strike. Wasn’t there something with input lag, or did that rumor end up untrue?

Powerstone 1 and 2 I believe were arcade accurate ports.

The KOF 98 poor is not up to snuff, though. Various combos don’t seem to work on the DC version that do on the arcade. Hell I’ve heard people complain about all the KOF ports, but that hasn’t stopped us from playing them :stuck_out_tongue:

Mvc1 & 2
cvs 1 & 2
kof 2002
Vampire Chronicle

Yeah, I already play on Mame for serious KOF gameplay… just I like playing on a TV sometimes, with a better d-pad than my ps2 thing (and with a four-button setup KOF works better than Capcom fighters).

However, I’m noticing that it’s hit or miss with SNK Dreamcast ports… Last Blade 2 supposed to be good, unlike Garou.

I found that console differences thread (surprisingly interesting), and according to someone ST on the DC is the best console port, apparently. Except I’m not a particularly good SF player (yet).

Anyone know how Street Fighter 3: Third Impact is on the Dreamcast? I heard that the PS2 version was the best…

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Every time a DC thread opens up people say the following:

“I know MvC2 and CvS2 are best”

MvC2 is a no-brainer, but everything I’ve heard on CvS2 supports that the PS2 version is the best version. In fact, I believe that it is arcade perfect (or the tiniest bit off). The Dreamcast CvS2 has more inaccuracies. But this is just what I’ve heard. Anyone have confirmation (don’t confirm if you don’t know everything)?

I have CvS2 and 3s on dreamcast and they both play awesome, I can’t really tell if there is any input lag, it certainly doesn’t feel like it, but if it’s just a few milliseconds that makes the difference for this unblockable… maybe it’s true, I’m a marvel guy so I can’t do 3s / CvS2 combos to save my life anyway.

Also does anyone know if Marvel Super Heroes exists for dreamcast? I would love to not own an entire other system and arcade stick just to experience it.

Nope. Only marvel games on DC are MvC 1 and 2. All the others are on Saturn.

DC CvS2 is pretty much a straight port from the NAOMI version; I’m unaware of any differences.

LB2 on DC isn’t arcade perfect and it also suffers from the sound sync issues like the Garou port. A lot of the combos in LB2 from the arcade dont work on the DC or just got removed all together. Though compared to the PS2 LB Collection it’s speed is about the same as the arcade port.

“Super Street Fighter II X - For Matching Service”, only released in Japan. It even had on-line. Basically is a pixel perfect port with severall dip-switches values altered. It’s the base code of Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix.

Add to the list “Street Fighter III W Impact” (includes SFIII New Challengers and SFIII 2nd Impact) and “Street Fighter Alpha 3 Saikyo Dojo”.

Power Stone

DC Alpha 3 is the most wildly inaccurate port of the arcade game available on console. So if you care about that, don’t even bother. PS2 version is already out and available, anyway.