Quality Ghetto ass Sean vids



Xstar (akuma) vs me (sean)


I think from now on wnv i have vids i will post it in this tread


New vids

hamelkarl(urien,dudley,ken) vs bodler(Sean)

hamelkarl(makoto,hugo) vs bodler(Sean)


New Vids ooh11#@

butthead (Twelve) vs bodler(Sean)



ma bad double post


bodler, you ever record any of our matches?


Who knew F+HK was so strong against Hugo? Or, alternately, that Hugo player just sucked wet noodles.


lol I was wondering when he’d finally clap your whiffed F+HK’s. regardless that still seems like a pretty cheap move in that matchup lol


ok so i dont know if this thread is still poppin but i follow renic on YT and he put out this vid about ken [media=youtube]p4t00a2AySs[/media]

so since i dont use ken but use sean i figured it would work foe me to [media=youtube]3WhSwJDw0eo[/media] let me know whatcha think


It looks like the only thing you took out of the video was to use mp as a throw setup. There’s more to it. At a certain point, you’re trying to provoke your opponent into a response to the throw that will leave them open for something more damaging than a throw (by either whiffing throw by trying to tech, or jumping away). If they whiff throw, you can hit them with a max damage combo. If you suspect they will jump, Sean’s target combo can work as a good pre emptive anti air, or you can just try j.rh.

As a side note, outside of punish situations, don’t use sweep inside the range of where Sean’s toe reaches. Sean’s sweep has such bad recovery, some characters can even dash in and punish after blocking it, but the range youre using it at, no one should have trouble hitting you for maximum damage (which is even more maximum cause youre crouching).


even more maximum. you heard it here folks. term coined.


Yeah, it was a pretty good ending.


Indeed, a random super on the wakeup of your opp. Good job.


Required watching for aspiring Sean monsters… bodlers set with Nica KO.


you guys are late to the party :rofl:


Good Stuff.

Sean is my favourite. close HK, QCF HK, crouching MK, Light or Medium roll (depending on which side you wanna be on) then throw or whatever.


The random super on my wakeup is one of the most baffling things I encounter online. Second only to the wakeup hadouken.