Quality of Life Improvements


What ways can Capcom create which facilitate a better end-user experience in Ultra Street Fighter IV without modifying the core gameplay?

I’ve been thinking about this for a while and it seems odd, to me, that very few adjustments have been made to the game-shell, which have no bearing on the actual game itself, yet simply make the overall experience of logging into the game a more enjoyable experience. Here’s a few of my ideas… I may add more later as I think of them, please add your own:

Rank-mode seasons.

Ever get tired of seeing exploiters with 10,000pp at the top of the leader-board? What if, every 6 months, the ladder was reset completely. Was it not refreshing, when Ultra released, to be able to find your actual position by playing ranked, with your character, with everybody starting from scratch? I admit, I’m borrowing this idea from Diablo II, but it seems like it would improve the online experience considerably if new players had goals they could legitimately take part in.

Chat window as a part of Endless lobby.

I’m not sure if this is entirely possible, and, given the nature of typing with a game-pad, probably a little annoying. Anything has got to be better than staring at a lobby-screen whilst somebody else is playing their Endless match in an 8 person lobby, though, right? What if you could spectate the matches, and commentate in real-time? This would foster a sense of community and help the game grow at the amateur level.

Mute button for the menu music.

After years of playing AE2012, I grew to hate the menu music. I’ve heard all these tracks for hours on end. Maybe this problem is just specific to me and my inability to hold onto a remote with functioning batteries.

Latency as something other than three very vague bars.

And, whilst I’m at it, give us the option to warn other players that we’ll kick for laggy connections. Let us comment on our ranked lobby, “Green bars only,” or, “Any player welcome,” or, “Looking for high skill.” In Endless mode, let us ask for specific character match-ups. “Need practice against: Balrog.” For instance. It’s very difficult to explain your intentions to other players in the game, currently, except retroactively.

That’s all I can think of for now. One thing I’d like to add is that Capcom did an awesome job with the YouTube upload feature! As well as the Online Training Lobby. More, non-gameplay altering facilities such as this can only make this game more attractive to a competitive user-base. The gameplay is gold as it is. The game needs to be sexed up, a little, to stand out against the other heavy-hitters on the multiplayer scene.


training mode has a million things wrong with it.

-10 sec record window
-can’t set DWU on dummy
-can’t set dummy to do [wake up move]
-can’t set dummy to do [button combination] after [time interval from block] (frame trap trainer)
-can’t see hitboxes (this is 2014 your secret sauce isn’t so secret capcom)
-no frame skip mode
-can’t turn off guts scaling so you have to wait for the health to recover slowly if you’re testing damage

aside from that
-rematch button for online matchups (i don’t play online, i can only hope they fixed this by now)
-classic character theme music
-new announcers
-old announcers (cvs2, alpha, 3s, vanilla / super sfiv)
-ability to select the ‘bonus stage’ stages for vs mode

these last 5 are so easy and so cheap and such a fast way to make some DLC $ that capcom should be embarrassed they haven’t done them already.


Good luck getting Capcom to give a shit about what North American/European players want.

Japanese design is insane. Don’t like it? Sorry. They ain’t changing it.


Yes, I understand the likelihood of any of these type of changes making it into the game. And, I believe the justification you would receive from the developers would be that they intend to, “maintain the arcade experience for the nostalgic.” However, I believe that to be completely the wrong way to think about this. What Capcom doesn’t need is more IP’s, or further sequels to games they already have. They need to properly support those games that haven’t yet reached their half-life and then subsidized their costs through sponsorship stream and tournament funding. Once they have the spectators, which is what they need, then they will have the players hungry for fame. Another option, once you have a player-base, is to add cosmetic micro-DLC, like in Dota2, for example. On the business end of things, this isn’t a poor idea.

Think about this… people are still playing Counter-strike. There are still tens of thousands of spectators for a game that I was playing in my teens before I went to school. I’m getting old now. I’m almost thirty.

So, I’ve thought about a few more things, and thanks to you too, blackadde! I love of all of your suggestions.

Placement rankings

Frustration chases away new players like nothing else and the learning curve for USF4, especially against people like me who have been playing since Vanilla, is damn tough. They need to create an appropriate match-making system for ranked, whereby new players can fight other new players until they ‘level-up.’ What downsides are there to this? The user-base gets chopped up… and, with a game which is already stretched across multiple platforms, this is the last thing it needs. My feeling is that the game should search for people in your placement level, initially, and… finding no suitable match-ups, then widen its parameters to include all available players.

Character Loyalty

Back in Vanilla you could choose an icon to represent yourself which displayed to the other player before the match began. The problem this created was counter-picking became a meta-game, something which blind-picks is supposed to suppress. Want easy points? Just fight all of your best match-ups over and over. I still feel that this should be a player choice. If you want to show loyalty to your character, despite knowing, as Chun-Li that you will face every Boxer player under the sun willing to farm dem points off you, you should still be able to display pride for your character selection. You can always kick people that join your game too often, right?


Ranked needs some sort of overhaul. The system they’ve had is just so fucking boring.


Fixed for accuracy.


SF4 was designed to please to the mass aka US/EU ( with the help of the US branch ) even before the Japanese public since they had the arcade version , wich has arguably the best ranking system, if you take a look at other japanese only fighting games that are designed for a Japanese public only, they shit on SF4 a million time in term of options ,menus and quality design

if anything Capcom US has been fucking up everything , Capcom EU has no word/control over nothing

  1. Japanese fighting games that shit on SF4 aren’t made by Capcom
  2. Capcom designs with decidedly Japanese sensibilities; all of the retarded SF4 UI considerations scream “Nippon, mother fuckers”
  3. Capcom has ignored years of your feedback

Conclusion: Capcom doesn’t care what you want. Either deal or move on to other products.


So, I’m just gonna ignore the, “like it or lump it,” advice: because we all know I’m gonna be playing this game regardless; and, instead, carry on giving my very sensible suggestions as to how Capcom can capitalize on a franchise which currently has over 75,000 viewers on twitch for its major tourney… on day one.

Button check as part of the Character Menu

I mean, seriously? Arksys aren’t going to call you out on copying for doing something which should have been done a long time ago. Pull your fingers out of your arse, Capcom.


The game really needs proper ranked matchmaking. Could you imagine bronze players getting matched up against challenger players in league of legends, for example? That’s what I got when I thought that ranked might be a good idea to learn sf4. Playing against rank 29 cody isn’t that fun when you’re not in any way near that level. I haven’t bothered with ranked since, I only play with friends. This so called “ranked system” hurts my brain. :japan:

  1. Rematch Button
  • So… I lose a match vs the CPU in Arcade mode. I’m forced to watch my opponent dance around for a moment, then an insulting quote appears on-screen. Then a timer ticks down to zero while my character is looking pathetic. I have to press start. Then watch my character fill themselves with resolve. Then, I’m taken back to the character selection screen. I re-select the same character. The game informs me of where I’m going, and shows me who I’ll be fighting. Except… I already know this… because I’ve already went through the whole thing at least once. There’s no reason I couldn’t just hit “rematch” and then try again. It’s ridiculous to have to spend 30-60 seconds staring at the screen… all I want to do is play. It’s just another thing in SF4 that causes needless frustration. (It might be nice to have a rematch option after a ranked match as well. Although… this should be limited to avoid abuse.) There’s no excuse here. They can allow you to rematch in versus mode… why not in ranked/arcade?
  1. Ultra Descriptions and Inputs
  • Five years… they can’t do this? This makes no sense. They give you an option of Ultra moves, but don’t tell you anything about them. You should definitely learn a character’s Ultras before you jump-into a match. Despite that, sometimes you just want to try something different, or just new. It would be nice if I didn’t have to exit ranked/endless, go into training/arcade mode, pause the game, go to move list, then select the character, (because I might want someone ELSE’S move list I guess…) and finally, I can look at my Ultras. Even then, there’s no description of how the Ultra works or how it would best be utilized. Even though I’ve learned every characters’ Ultras, I sometimes forget if it was qcf or qcb or maybe it was punches not kicks… It would also be nice if there was a main-menu option to look at move lists. I don’t see why I have to load up a match first.
  1. The Matchmaker & The Skill Barrier
    Well… solving the problem of matchmaking is difficult in any game. In SF4, the problem is the player base. It’s relatively small compared to a lot of games. The extremely good and dedicated players have been playing for years. It doesn’t take long before you start facing the pro/tournament-level players regularly. Once that happens, you can either accept that you are going to lose a ton of games, or quit. Years of this has resulted in the following: Very few new players, less new players over time, virtually no intermediate players, and a solid (but small) group of pros.

If you lock the pros into playing only each other… that would leave the rest of the game devoid of players. Noobs would only fight noobs, and wouldn’t learn anything. Eventually, they’d raise their rank enough to be considered “pro”, at which point they would be slaughtered.

  1. Remove Taunts & End-of-Match Quotes
    They have no purpose other than to frustrate and annoy players. They are not vital to the game’s design. They are not needed on any conceivable level. It gives jerks a way to express that they are jerks. (Yes, some characters have strategic benefits to their taunt. However, this is no excuse. These options could be unique to those characters without giving everyone a taunt.)


Actually, I’d like to see every character getting exactly one taunt, and them giving a small buff a la SF3.


lol, wat


Change the links to guilty gear style gatling combos. Tight timing link bullshit for basic combos makes one of the first walls to hurdle frustratingly high, particularly in an online environment where lag throws off the timing you spend hours practicing. It does nothing to make the game more fun, and most definitely does the series no favors in drawing in new fans. How many hours have you all spent practicing “plinking” just so you can do a cr.lk into a st.mp? How much time and effort has been spent by high level players re-wiring their controllers so they can “blink” what should be basic crap like that?


Okay, I’ve thought of another Idea.

** Season Mode **

This is ranked, but under a new proto-type. Here, you grind through leagues, such as in Championship mode, back in Vanilla. If you get promoted to A, you fight other A ranks. Everyone starts at E. The max rank, for those top 5%-ers is Master Level. The top 1% is for Grand-Masters. At the close of a season your ranking becomes part of a permanently etched on a Hall of fame League and you get a badge attached to your account name.

If this is too complicated for the PS3, make it on the PS4 instead. Just… Goddamn, we gotta retrofit our controllers. Somebody make some new arcade sticks, so we don’t have to do that.


Hey dude! Great thoughts, man. I’m loving your input. Ultra descriptions YES! How freaking hard is it to put the inputs next to your Ultra Selection? I keep trying to check out new characters but if I can’t even remember what their ultra motion is supposed to be, such as CQC, for Cammy, whether it is backwards inputs or forwards, how am I supposed to make use of her best damage?

Combofiend, you listening, man?


ppl who don’t like taunts may be ppl who get really bothered by taunts. in every semi-competitive game ever played on planet earth there have been extra’s on the field to psych out the enemy. You think real NFL and NBA fields are 100% silent? (say no…)


you can do this on PC. i can upload the empty music file if you want.

also on your seasonal ranked idea, i like how ranking is done in Hearthstone.
you get to establish a skill heirarchy quicker without so much grind… but of course you need a really big playerbase.

but we can rave and rant all we want, bottom line: Capcom is terrible and has limited resources (look at Ultra, lol… shoestring budget, poor production value, poor QA).
our feedback is wasted on them. they fail to understand time and time again… they couldn’t add a rematch button, or make gems selection UI in SFxT that was quick for tournaments (although they received really detailed UI ideas from the community).


^ I think the grind is basically essential in this game. The Skill curve is WAY too steep, man. The point is, you force a dude to play 5,000 matches with his best character and now you know this fucker knows something about Street Fighter. You can’t bitch when this guy goes to town on you.

If you can’t deal with somebody pressing HP+HK mid-match, you can’t handle Sanford Kelly with that death glare as he’s figuring whether or not he’s gonna throw a right hook at you.

Stop making excuses for Capcom. There are sooo many merchandising opportunities for this game. If it takes off, you just keep recreating the same goddamn game, update the art-work, make the interface better, add better social options, sell it on a new platform. The money makes itself. If Capcom are too stupid to pounce on an opportunity, it’s their fault when their ship sinks.


You know, indie developers can do SOOO much just because they got a passion for a game. Take CPMA, for instance. This mod had one developer doing all the Community PR and the code updates. This game is fucking solid. It’s better than Quake 3, as a spectator event. Quake 4 tried to imitate that success, by making the game more death-match spectator friendly. This was good thinking, but the game underneath just didn’t feel right.