Quality of Q4 3in1?


Hey guys, I’m buying a new stick and have the option of a Q4 or a Hori RAP VX (umvc3) stick.

I’ve been re ading a lot about both and have sbeen concerned at the amount pcb issues I have read about in the q4, don’t get me wrong it’s a beautiful stick but I’m a bit reserved.

The Hori will only cost me $99 whereas the q4 would cost me $230 with shipping included.

For what it’s worth I already have a PS3 TE which I was going to sell if I bought the Q4, if I buy the Hori I was just going to keep the TE and switch between the two as needed.


Unless the VX is an SA model, it probably has shitty Hori parts (not the Hayabusa/Kuros).

Edit: just saw that the UMVC3 model has Sanwa parts, $99 is a good deal. If you don’t mind having to use two different sticks, I’d just buy that. Since it’s for the 360, you could dual mod it for the PS3 relatively inexpensively if you did it yourself.


Nah its full sanwa parts.


Saw that after posting, which is why I edited. I’d buy it over the Q4 for the quality concerns you stated. Also, $230 is pretty damn high for the Q4, I’m assuming you’re in Europe or something?


Yeah man I don’t mind using two sticks but holy shit that Q4 red ice is beautiful and I’m really drawn to it


Also don’t forget about back/select plinking light punch, you have to rewire the back/select button and on certain qanbas I believe it can’t be rewired. You should consider if it is moddable


Wow I didn’t even know this was a thing, to your knowledge are either of the sticks mentioned affected?

Qanba being the Ice Red


Yeah mate, Australia here


Not sure check this thread: Modding a Qanba Q4. Will these parts work?

it either is easy, requires soldering or it’s not possible. It is likely it might require soldering I don’t know though


looks like those buttons are connected to the pcb, which makes sense because the q4raf is 360/ps3 compatible
so it wont be easy to rewire and you would need someone with knowledge


Is this rewire essential?


no not at all, only if you play specific characters in street fighter and your doing insanely tight links on light punch then it may come useful to rewire it


Ok thanks, do you have any input about the Q4?


If you don’t care about the fact you can’t mod it for very specific or artistic reasons then by all means get the q4raf because it works on more than one system and has sanwa parts (same as the hori) so it can only be better


That Marvel vs Capcom 3 Hori is just a variant of the VX SA KAI correct?


My Input:

Qanba is known for questionable quality for their PCBs


Yeah my mind is made up, just going to grab a HRAP


The Q4 is pretty accessible for modding and artwork at this point. It’s been available for a few years and replacement plexi is $15ish.

Here’s my customized Q4RAF Black with an alternate HRAP1 layout (courtesy of AMP):

I haven’t had any PCB issues with any of my Qanba or Horis (which I’ve had for 2-3 years) so I can’t really comment on that, but Hori has always been known for having top quality boards.

I prefer the shape and feel of the Q4 over Hori’s form factors, as it has a large contoured hand rest with made with comfy wood-like material. Though the new HRAP N3-SA is very nice as well. Can’t go wrong with either one IMO.


Thanks Teyah, I just pulled the trigger on the Razer Atrox.


No problem. That one’s got a good nice form factor too and there’s been a pretty positive reception for the Atrox - hope you enjoy it.