Quality prints?

so i feel like an idiont, but i’m going to an art fair, where you pay 50 bucks for a table and show off your work.
i want to get like 20 small prints each 8X10 (ish) of some (like 5 or so) of my works to mat and sell for like 10-20 bucks.
i’ve searched on-line and can only find outragous prices. like $50 set up, then about 5-10 bucks per duplication.
anyone have advice where i should look in my town, (not specific places but would art stores do something like this?) or where i should look on-line.

KINKOS. Those prices actually sound right. You want prints? The paper they’re using
is copier paper—it’s expensive. I have some gloss paper I’ve printed some stuff on.
It came in a pack of 25 sheets for like $30. I dunno…frikkin whore out your friends if
they have good stuff.


i just want to be sure they’re good prints if i’m going to sell em
hopefully a thicker stock paper

Yeah, I know what you mean. I’ve noticed over the years that the thinner the paper
you have the worse it ages/discolors in the air. Also, I didn’t mean to say that ‘copier
paper’ is expensive LoL I meant to stress that what they’re using that’s so expensive
ISN’T JUST copier paper.

…anywayz, keep looking around til you find what it is your looking for. You know what
I would do—take a trip to your closest local art supplier and ask someone within where
you might find what it is that you’re looking for, that’s what I would do.


Yeah printing is definitely expensive. While Kinkos is your best bet for the price the quality isn’t so great. I was never satisfied with anything they have ever printed for me, except black and white prints. Yeah if you know someone with a good color printer just supply the paper and you’re ready to go. That’s what I do haha.

Not to mention Kinkos printers are horribly calibrated. I’ve printed the same thing there and it’s either really dark or really light.

If you can, find someone who has an Epson. They print really well.

Also, if you know someone who goes to a nearby art school/university, you might want to see if they can help you out. Student discounts are cheap and the fierys at some schools rival those of Kinko’s, if not better.

i prefer staples over kinko’s for printing. i printed the same thing on gloss print in both stores and the kinko’s printing came out way too dark. and most midtown new york kinko’s have bad service =(

i had a couple classmates working on their final portfolio covers. they went out to compusa and bought an epson. it only cost them 80 for the printer and for additional paper would be about 30 bux for 24 sheets or so. if you know the correct settings, you can get some nice boarderless/high res/glossy prints.

you can totally save a couple bux from doing that. and mattes and frames shouldnt cost too much. it varies as you make you decisions.

it was large format 13x19inch btw.