Quality takes time

Has anyone else had any problems getting a mas systems super pro stick? I placed an order 2 months ago and they haven’t even gotten done building the thing. I even paid for it and still nothing. Does it normally take forever and a day to get a controller from them?

Unlucky, Search mas and you’ll only find bad things about them.

Usually they take about a month but er… yeah, I hope it goes well.

call them and bug them a lot. they will get it done really fast.

Got my mas stick from arcadeshock they had a good selection got it about 2 months ago its a mini I really like the setup but like alot of other people it stopped working and I only pulled it out of the closet like twice cause I usually use the Hori for Tekken and the mas for SF wich I play very little, and yes my mas stick is in the closet.