Quanba Q1 not recognized/working....USB or PCB?


A couple of days ago a friend of mine gave me Qanba Q1 fight stick that he claimed had a shoddy usb cable. Apparently upon plugging into an on the fritz PS3, the stick stopped working all together. I first tried plugging it into other sources to no avail, it won’t even light up. I then purchased a new USB which arrived today and tried it again, still nothing. Im beginning to think it is probably the PCB as if it was indeed a short, the circuit board would be affected and not the wire.

My question is A) do you think it is in fact the PCB and where could I get a replacement and B) is it even worth it or should I just scrap it on eBay for parts and use the $$ towards something better?

Im sorry, the fixer upper in me hates to abandon a project. Thanks for any help you guys can offer.


If that were a Qanba Q2 Pro, or the one with the Xbox 360 / PS3-PC rocker switch, I would say to just save the Qanba joystick and mod it with a Brook UFB, as you can use the pole switch for LS/DP functionality, and it’s possible to wire up the front panel without soldering, if you have the proper JST connectors or crimp wires (its rather easy). But that’s a Q1, which is the value line version, so I don’t know. You would have to mod it with Sanwa or Seimitsu parts as well as upgrade the PCB.

The PCB is only available from Qanba, http://www.qanbashop.com/EN/USD/product/QanBa-3-in-1-multi-platform-pcusb-PS3XBOX-360PC-for-fightstick-arcade-77.html ,

(Arcadeshock only has USB cables, some button covers, some modded Q2 Qanba models and felt metal bottoms), and it’s $60 BEFORE shipping costs, which will eat you alive. Ordering it from Qanba would cost you as much as a Brook UFB would total, so you’re better off just buying a UFB.


…or something else, depending on what you want the stick to work on. The ufb is certainly nice, but it’s expensive- you can save a lot if you don’t want/need all that compatibility.


Thanks guys! After some fiddling around, It most definitely is the PCB. A game store in town has a StreeFighter Tournament edition Madcatz for the PS3 with a broken joystick they are selling for dirt cheap. I may see If I throw something together using the two :slight_smile:


If it’s dirt cheap, the shell alone is probably worth what they’re asking. Buy it.


Thanks guys. I’ll post up pics of the finished set up when I do it :slight_smile:


Madcatz PS3 pcb isnt very good (doesnt work on 90% of the computers of the planet)

if it does work, buy a couple of brook ps3/ps4 fighting boards… they are actually pretty good :slight_smile:


Not completely true. Only older models have the UHCI issues.
Since the Limited edition Chun Li TE-S For the PS3, Mad Catz has fix the incompatibility issues with PC.


Except the madcatz TE stick is only 100% xinput compatible in Xinput mode in the 360 version (e.g. SF5).

Plug in a TE Xbox 360 stick for the steam game “Dragon’s Dogma” and it crashes on startup. Plug a Qanba in Xbox 360 mode in, no problem :confused: I suspect it has to do with the missing axes in directinput mode (Z axis and X/Y rotation is missing as well as the analog axes) which function in xinput mode. Since dragon’s dogma supports xinput and dinput sticks it may get confused and crash.


Thats a whole different issue created by Microsoft trying to muscle in on the gaming market.
I can’t wait for games made with Vulkan instead of Direct X12 and boot Microsoft off the top of the hill.


i read “StreeFighter Tournament edition Madcatz for the PS3”… so no good pc compatibility as Street fighter ones are Round 1 and 2 iirc :frowning:


Yes the Round 1 and Round 2 PCBs for the PS3 version of the Mad Catz TE isn’t that good.
But That is old history now and you can only get these sticks now used.

Anyways this is tech talk, just replace the PCB inside with a number of easy to install options.