Quanba Q4 problems

i have the Q4 everything stock. it comes dual modded. all of a sudden it keeps on inputting LT and no matter what i do, unplug/re-plug, hit the switch from xbox to ps3 and back, nothing works. i opened it up and i disconnected the last 2 buttons since its the x3 kick button that does it and i dont use those last 2 buttons anyway. and yet it still is inputting LT. i think its probably a pcb issue. which really sucks. i do have a soldering iron if i absolutely needed to mod it. can anyone help?

To activate the signal for a button. The two wires must make contact, Either through the buttons switch, or somewhere the wires are touching eachother. If not, It’s gotta be the PCB. Maybe the buttons switch is messed up also?? You need yourself an expert opinion here.

Damn that’s pretty unfortunate. Have you emailed the Qanba representative? I think this would deserve some sort of compensation.

please check the line of LT,blue wire and black wire