Quantum X Social / Simpsonville, SC / Sept 26th

Quantum X Game Center in Simpsonville, SC (Upstate, Greenville County)
is hosting a social / casual night of fight gaming.

We are going to be testing out our 22" MLG Tv setups, as well as our 42" LCD setups. At the last event we had some casuals on them and the games looked and ran great. This will be a much larger event to test and run the setups.

It will start at 11am Saturday and run til 5pm
The cost is only $10 per player
There are no set tourneys or prizes, but some may be built on the fly.
Money Matches are encouraged!!!

This will be a great time for players to mingle and earn some bragging rights. And for us its a pure community building and test session. This will also be a great way to come find the location and get used to the setups before the next …

G-VEGAS BEATDOWN the beginning of November. G-VEGAS 5 is posed to be a huge event. We are hoping to get over 100 attendees.

But eveyone start posting up if you can attend the social. Post what games you would like to have available. All of our setups are 360 and 1-Wii (SSBB), so if you want Dreamcast/ PS3 etc., you need to bring a setup.Also any rivalries or money matches. And also if anyone wants any tourneys (reguardless of prizes) to be setup. I don’t mind running tourneys, but this is more of a social night. Testing our tv’s, good place to test out new sticks or boards as well.

For location information check out our website at : Quantum X

Please post your…
Name: Will Wilhelm
Tag: QXGC0
Locale: Greenville, SC
Games: SF4, SC4, BB, UFC, SSBB


  1. Filldoh
  2. Shamar
  3. Professor Lester
  4. Keith Daniels
  5. Matt McCoy
  6. Uncle Buck
  7. NachoBusiness
  8. Crit

Alts (For those “No Shows”):

Love it! I’ll see if that day is free and if it is, I’m sooo there. This is an awesome idea.

I am there, and shamar has committed as well. I will update with anymore I have comming

well im sure team bums house could make it

oh snap son a t-shirt! score!

Keith and matt at least will be with me

john unclebuck shelby
anderson sc

Jesus nachobusiness Ibarra
anderson sc
sf4, hdr

“oh snap” …+1…nice throwback to the early 90’s

That’s how I roll. I can pull pop culture from any decade. :slight_smile:

I added a post about this event to the SC Tourney Blog.


a fucking Cola event the same day but to be honest i rather go to quantum. I have a strong feeling the Cola event will be weak, but then again i never get to see our lower state friends.

I know most of the Cola guys will hit up the other tourney, it in the same town. But what about the rest of you guys? ya’ll still okay with having the social on the same day? The weekends before and after do not work for us. The 26th is the only Saturday we have almost until the next Beatdown.

To the COLA crowd…would you be willing to make a Social on the 25th (Friday night before). Drive up Fri night for the social and then have the cola tourney on Sat?

The 26th is still the best date for us and the 11-5 is a great time slot. Not extremely early and done in time to still have Sat night free.

Depending on how this social goes we are planning to hold monthlys. We are also in the process of setting up the leagues to coincide with the monthlys.

add Michael “Crit” Purvis to the list.

Sorry guys I’m going to the USC thingie on the same day. :frowning: I really hate when stuff like this happens…


Yea, we are planning on trying to set these up monthly and i think Fill has been running the BEATDOWNS about quarterly or at least Tri-Annually. So there is going to be plenty more events at Quantum X.

Hmm…Friday could work. If I can get that Saturday off, I would just…you know, be awesome and come to both.

USC event has been postponed until November 7 to not conflict with this event. Now I’ll re-evaluate comint out! I’ll let you know soon. just got out of surgery for my foot today but i thought you would like to know.

http://sctourney.wordpress.com for more info

that is awesome news guys. So now we can get hype and get ready for the event next Saturday. Good event to use for some practice and scrimages against your future competition in November.

And remember guys. Bring your Sticks, games, alternative systems, etc. Anything you might want or need. Having extra is always better than not having enough.

We are gonna have 10 stations setup.
5 42" LCD - Xbox 360 - VGA cables
5 22" LCD - XBox 360 - VGA cables

SF4 360 x 2
BB 360 x 1
SC4 x 1
DOA4 360 x 2
UFC 360 x 2

Accepting money matches… BB only and if I know you suck at SF4 that too lol

Hate to bitch and moan the last minute but you really should drop that ufc b.s.

No remix but you have doa4? Is this the horrible game social? Are you letting filldoh pick the games?:lol:

Awesome, just checked you guys out online and I’ll definitely try to be there. I’m only 2 hours away. I really need some brushing up to do.

Statesville, NC