Quarter Circle Foward Problems

Im a complete and utter scrub and just got into fighting games. I have been having problems executing quarter circle foward when my character is facing the right on the screen. is there an easier way to do this?

…I didn’t think there was any easier way to input something as simple as the Quarter Circle Forward movement. I’ve never had a problem with this even when I first started playing fighting games. My little brother is like five years old and I taught him how to combo EX Legs into Ultra Combo with Chun-Li in SF IV. He even knows how to do the simple Crouching MK > Hadoken combo. I thought it couldn’t get any easier honestly.

If you’re playing on a control pad then you just simply press “Down” and rub towards the “Right” direction on the D-Pad unless you’re using the analog which is the same thing.

If you’re using a joystick then you just press…you know what, never mind. I really don’t know what to say to you, lol.

I know people have problems with this but I don’t see what is so hard about it.

All I can say is it has to be a fluid motion. Don’t try to break it down into parts, just do the quarter circle and then press the button.

See if any of this helps:


The problem is usually either a delay between inputs (speed problem) or lack of fluidity (going from motion to press).

Try this: Press the button at the same time you do the forward motion. Look at your fingers while doing the motion and try to pinpoint what you’re doing wrong.

Go to training mode and turn on inputs until you do 20 perfect fireballs in a row from the p1 side. Might as well learn how to DP and ultra while you are at it.

Okay, now i’ve been able to do 20 perfect fireballs. But now the problems is executing the movements while jumping. The main problem for me is Gouki’s Jumping Fire ball and jumping hurricane kick.

worry about that later, honestly

once you understand the system it will seem natural to you, try to get your fireballs on the ground down pat first

Alright thanks guys. You’ve all been really helpful!

hez rite… you mite be overthinking it too… when i was little i used to try and force out the move which really made me do jumps and other stuff i didnt want. jus concentrate on keepin ur moves smooth and when u mess up dont sweat it too much and PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!!

The fireball shortcut is :d: :r: from player 1 side. Reverse from player 2 side.

I usually have problems doing the fireball motion from the P2 side, are you using a stick or a pad?

if you are not good at doing quarter circle forward at the start, don’t be discouraged because this kinda thing doesn’t happen over night. just drill it a few times every day in training mode. as a next step (but only after you do straight up drills first), try to give yourself pressure (alot of things you can do when the opponent is a dummy breaks down under pressure) by making the cpu fight you, and then try your best to integrate it into your fighting. the highest level of pressure is a live opponent but don’t expect them to let you just practice your hadokens. by the time you are practicing against live opponents you should have already trained by yourself with cpus for a little while.

the key is to not get frustrated. if you practice it so much you get frustrated, i think it may hurt your execution even further. so just do dedicated drilling practice a bit every day (maybe liek 30 minutes max) but don’t go overboard, and it will come naturally after a month or so. don’t expect fast progress (unless you want to pick up bad habits).

slowly start adding the movement into combos like the c.mk hadoken in your training. but again, don’t try to rush your progress because this is how bad habits form.