Quarter Circle Motions in Air

Hey guys im basically a Street fighter noob. I have a question with Air attacks like quarter circle and w.e. button. Like Ibuki’s Kunai or her super. I cant seem to pull it off at all…Btw im using a stick. Whats the key to getting that attack to work?
I just end up jumping up in the air and punching or kicking thats it.

The trick is to do a quarter circle with the stick, and hit a button. Practice.

There is no trick*: it’s the exact same quarter-circle as on the ground. The jump input is probably throwing you off.

Get into training mode. Ignore the screen and the sounds for a minute. Take a look at your hands and do the jump input and then special move input in slow mo: listen to the clicks of your joystick’s microswitches to ensure that you’re properly triggering each required direction. Try to memorize the feeling of the positions and transitions. Then try doing it for real, but stay very conscious of what your hands are doing. You may not even want to look at the screen at first, just at your hands. Practice practice! I promise it will come to you quickly. Soon you’ll be able to do it without focusing on it specifically, and eventually you’ll be able to do it without really thinking at all.


*However, there is a trick for doing the special move as low to the ground (VERY early in the jump) as possible. It’s called “buffering” and it’s a more advanced technique so don’t worry about it for now. Just make sure you can do it regularly first.

I tend to do it with more inputs than necessary though right now I am a complete noob to stick so it’s a similar boat.

The way I do them:
For Jump-forward Air -QCF: :uf::ub::hcf: Then just reverse it for Jump-back.

Then you just change it the other way for QCB. If that makes sense.

What surface are you playing on? I’ve improved tremendously going from lap to table top. Another thing that’s working for me is practice mode and watching my hands to see where the discrepency in movement is comin from in the motions. You have to be one with the stick.

Tiger knee motion(QCF+UF), if you wanted to do a super nearly the exact moment you left the ground in mid air(Using Akuma’s SA1 in 3s for example), it would be qcf, tiger knee motion+punch… not difficult at all actually.

If you were asking how to do it at a certain point in the air… the only thing I can tell you is practice man…

As everyone else said: There is no trick you just do it in the air.

I see, thanks guys :tup: Ill keep working on it :razz:

As a Cammy main, I have to do a QCB for my Cannon Strike.

If I want to do it regularly; Jump slight pause QCB + Kick, needs a little rhythm.

If I want to do EX-Special, I use the short cut, most of the time; QCB, UB + KK.